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How to wash whitewash from the walls

As you know, every repair begins with the removal of old coatings, whether wallpaper, plaster, linoleum or whitewash. Last less frequently used in the repair of apartments or other premises, it is used for decoration of warehouses, shops or entrances. Cleaning the walls of whitewash is a very complex and time-consuming process.

How to wash whitewash from the walls

You will need:

- spatula - roller - mask - goggles for the eyes - scarf - a sponge.

Instruction how to wash whitewash from the walls

Step 1:

If the whitewash on the walls was covered with yellowed or moldy, it is necessary to wash off immediately. But above all, you need to properly prepare the room. Take out of it all the furniture, floor cover with plastic oilcloth, cardboard or oilcloth. If the room has expensive flooring, while newspapers in this case are irrelevant, since they can be melted and skip all the dirt. Window and door openings is also to lay as chalk spray is very poorly laundered.

Step 2:

Put your hands on seals, on her head scarf and eye - protective glasses. To cushion the base to attach the plastic cover to prevent water from running down the sleeves. Fill the basin with warm water and apply it evenly on the wall with a roller or sprayer. Walk, so over the surfaces of the walls several times, making small breaks between the application of water.

Step 3:

After whitewashing thoroughly fed with water and get wet, take a spatula and proceed to remove the chalky layer of wall surfaces. If they are well soaked, then whitewash come without any problems. To facilitate the peeling of the chalk coating, add a little water in acetic acid. Use the wire brush to remove the remnants of whitewash, while turning it in a circular motion.

Step 4:

The bulk of the whitewash has been removed, it is now necessary to wash away the remnants. For this purpose most often used a sponge, but will wash several times to obtain the desired result. Always moisten the sponge in clean water and wash portions small squares from the bottom up. It is better to deal with this matter alone - a sponge, and the other washes the surface of the walls. Remarkably removes whitewash salt solution. To do this, dissolve one kilogram of salt in ten liters of water, cool down to 40 degrees, and you can get down to business.