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How to wash wool blanket

For a pleasant and comfortable sleep must be appropriate bedding, which includes a soft, warm and cozy blanket. With proper care and adequate period of its operation is not limited. Many wonder: so how to properly care for the blanket and can I wash it?

How to wash wool blanket

You will need:

- borax, - soap, - washing up liquid, - washing powder for wool products - soft brush.

Instruction how to wash a blanket

Step 1:

First read the instructions carefully, which should be attached to the label of woolen blankets and examine the relevant recommendations. This way you will know at what temperature it can be washed, if at all possible. Since some products from wool actually do not expose soak. In another case, however, is not difficult to wash it yourself at home, without the help of dry cleaning.

Step 2:

If allowed to dry, then it should be done in the following manner: dissolve in warm water a tablespoon of borax and 1/4 liter of liquid soap. Soak in this part of the blanket and leave for 6 hours. Then carefully prostirnite it in dirty places and rinse twice with warm water, and then in the cold until no foam. If the blanket is heavily polluted, you can add to the water when washing a couple of tablespoons of turpentine, advance Stir with a strong solution of soap, to get the kind of emulsion. Carefully propoloschennoe blanket hang to dry in a well-ventilated place. Then it is possible to iron it through the sheet iron warm (but not hot).

Step 3:

Also wash woolen blankets used soap flakes (grated soap). Add them in warm water at the rate of 5 g flakes per liter of water, stir until a rich foam and lower blanket. Leave for 5-10 minutes and wash carefully, you only rinse the blanket in the clean and warm water. Lightly press, while careful not to twist it. It is recommended to dry the blanket, pre-wrapped in a sheet.

Step 4:

If your woolen blanket formed spots or streaks, then you can do without washing. To do this, you will need liquid dishwashing detergent and old, but a soft toothbrush. This act should be especially careful not to damage the blanket.

Step 5:

Washing machine, designed for the loading of 5 kg, it is to cope with washing blankets. For this procedure, use a special powder suitable for woollens. Put a blanket in the machine and run it in a delicate washing operation with a minimum number of turns and low temperature. Drying can be in a supine position, and hung up on a few lines of linen rope. After drying it thoroughly shake, so it will become soft and fluffy again.