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How to water bamboo

In indoor interior have proliferated dwarf forms of bamboo. Some species reach a length of 1 meter - a bamboo colorful, others can grow up to 3 meters, and bamboo bluish rises above 40 cm Quite effectively looks like a single trunk in the tub, and tastefully decorated the composition of one or more species of bamboo different. form. But as with any house plants, dwarf bamboo requires appropriate care.

How to water bamboo

Instruction how to water bamboo

Step 1:

Bamboo is very unpretentious, but despite this, still needs to be light and cool. And, of course, put bamboo regular watering. In winter, the plant can withstand temperatures 12-16oS. However, watering should be plentiful. The same goes for the summer. Land stem should not dry up.

Step 2:

The very fine stalk of bamboo brings dry air, its leaves and trunk do not require frequent spraying. However, during the growth period (summer), it should still be regularly moistened with warm water and sometimes to feed.

Step 3:

Indoor bamboo need not be watered every day - it will depend on the species of plant. It is itself "tells" that he needs. The main indicator - the state of soil. Dry or fast drying ground need frequent wetting and feeding, and wet, loose with the appearance of odor or mold indicates that watering is excessive. Twist and yellowed leaves evidence of the lack of moisture, but the sagging shoots and leaves, on the other hand - on the surplus moisture.

Step 4:

For irrigation use room temperature water rebuilt. It can be diluted with a strong brew, but without tea leaves, which can cause root rot. Do not pour water bamboo tap, chlorine inhibits plant. You can use the melt water, cooked at home. From April to August every two weeks bamboo can be fed complex fertilizers (such as "Rainbow", "Giant", "Ideal").

Step 5:

If bamboo grows in the tank with water, not in the ground, sufficient water change every two weeks and feed mineral supplements - they provide good nutrition and proper development.