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How warm garage

Most motorists do not have the opportunity to engage in service of your car in the winter due to the fact that their garages are not equipped with a heating system. Is it possible to remedy this situation and to warm the garage during the cold season?

How warm garage

Instruction as a warm garage

Step 1:

The most practical method of heating the garage - is the installation of water heating. Just keep in mind that as a coolant experts recommend that the heating system does not use water and antifreeze liquid - antifreeze. Although the specific heat of the substance slightly lower heating efficiency and accordingly also falls, but when used the system will be protected from thawing.

Step 2:

To start pick a reliable source of heat. The ideal option would be a connection to the boiler, which heats the cottage or house. But it can be done only if the required power has been taken into account in the design of the boiler room. Use of a boiler can be at a distance of 30-40 meters from the cottage. To do this, lay the section of the heating main and well insulated thermal conductivity. For such heating for future pump with increased power.

Step 3:

If the converted common stock under heating garage is not possible, then equip the individual boiler, making an addition to the garage itself. For a small garage for one car pick up for electrical power boiler from 1.5 to 2 kW.

Step 4:

Then install the heater in the garage with a liquid heat exchanger. Such heaters are called fan coils. They are made in a rectangular metal box - the body, attached to the wall or to the ceiling. There are other types of heaters - thermal curtain. They are located above the entrance to the garage. In private, such a device has a low speed and heats the room. When you open the door, the air curtain starts to drive the flow with great force, preventing the exit of heat from the garage.

Step 5:

Be sure to connect the thermostat, which will periodically turn off the fan that will make it possible to save energy. Or equip trehkodovy valve which block the pipe with the coolant when the 5 degrees Celsius, and redirect it to the bypass channel back to the boiler. you can simply turn off the boiler periodically to simplify management.