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How To Polish Stone

How to polish stone

Grinding stone - is the processing of natural materials to give a great look, flatness. This work is carried out in order to emphasize the unique natural characteristics and beauty of the rock. During processing, most removed the upper layer of fabric (about 3 mm).

You will need:

Glass, bar, water, abrasive powder, felt, waterproof sandpaper, diamond float,…

Apartment And Villa
How To Insulate Polystyrene

How to insulate polystyrene

Thermal insulation, including polystyrene and warming, thus reducing heat loss levels. In our country, in most cases, regardless of the materials from which the building is constructed, insulation can not be superfluous. Thermal insulation of expanded polystyrene - excellent value for money. It is this kind of insulation pays off as quickly as possible.

You will need:


Apartment And Villa
Advantages And Disadvantages Of Blinds

Advantages and disadvantages of blinds

Blinds long and well-established form of curtains. They can create an atmosphere in the room comfort, good hide what is in the room from prying eyes.

The web consisting of narrow, spaced parallel plates invented person long enough. They are extremely practical for homes and offices. Modern materials allow the blinds to make different colors, moreover,…

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How Warm The Balcony Door

How warm the balcony door

Not everyone can afford to install plastic windows and balcony doors. Wooden doors are starting to become loose over time, while there are gaps. In this situation it is necessary to do insulation balcony door.

Instruction how to warm the balcony door

Step 1:

To start, remove the door from its hinges and twist it with all…

Apartment And Villa
How To Glue Suction Cup

How to glue suction cup

Sales keeps popping up various objects that are mounted on rubber or a plastic suction cup. This is all kinds of shelves for bathroom and kitchen, bright plastic hooks and more. This looks much more elegant fastening nails or screws. But after a few minutes to several days, and beautiful in a beautiful shelf bracket falls…

Apartment And Villa
Wrought Iron Furniture For Home And Garden

Wrought iron furniture for home and garden

A person who wants to live in comfort, definitely try to choose furniture for the house and garden is not just convenient, but also beautiful, strong. One of the best options - wrought iron furniture and accessories.

Modern blacksmiths offer forged furniture and accessories for home and garden various designs, moreover, to develop models…

Apartment And Villa
How To Make The Walls In The Hallways

How to make the walls in the hallways

Hallways - these are the premises, who see everyone who comes to your house or apartment. In the hallway you leave clothes and shoes, which from what came back home from work, and get a sense of warmth and comfort. It was in the hallway and the walls begin to us "home help".…

Apartment And Villa
How To Transplant Crassula

How to transplant Crassula

Crassula or money tree - a normal inhabitant of the Russian window sills. The plant is like for "cash", simplicity, positive impact on human health - is that it cleans the air by emissions of biologically active substances. But Jade is required periodically to transplant: the plant grows, and pot it requires all large sizes.

Instruction how…

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How To Replace The Key

How to replace the key

From time to time in life there are situations when you need to change the key in the lock of the front door. This usually occurs due to the loss of a key and the fear of unauthorized access to the premises or its breakdown. This can be done, not only to replace the entire lock.…

Apartment And Villa
How To Deal With Weeds

How to deal with weeds

There is no owner of a garden plot or garden, is not familiar with the problem of weeds. Each fights with them, based on the acquired knowledge and experience in this field, and victory in this battle gain the most persistent.

In fact, the methods of weed control is not so much. This is bearing in…

Apartment And Villa
How To Bring Food Mole

How to bring food mole

Food moles can be got even in the cleanest kitchen. It usually appears in cereals and dry foods are stored for a long time. Propagated moth is very active, so bring this insect is not easy. But if you approach the complex struggle to get rid of the food moth possible.

Instruction how to get food…

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How To Bring In Water From The Well House

How to bring in water from the well house

Lack of water in a private home gives a lot of trouble. Carry the water to the house from a nearby well in the cellar, familiar enough with the instructions, tips, and buy all the necessary equipment and materials.

You will need:

- Submersible electric pump; - Polypropylene tubes to length; - Insulation…

Apartment And Villa
How To Collect Pollen

How to collect pollen

There are two types of pollen: entomophilous and anemophilous. The second type is carried by the wind, and can cause a variety of allergic diseases. Such pollen with low biological value given, usually conifers. Collect it is extremely difficult. From the consumer point of view is more interesting pollen that bees collect from flowering plants and bring…

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How To Remove Grout From The Tile

How to remove grout from the tile

Grout has a moisture-proof structure that allows you to protect the space between the tile joints and give a finished look tiles. Remove the grout when replacing the cracked tiles, or in the event that due to various reasons grout acquired slovenly appearance, for example, blackened or covered with a layer of mold. Also,…

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How To Remove Pva Glue

How to remove PVA glue

Small children and school children can accidentally stain your clothes and home furnishings with white glue. It can be easily deduced as it water soluble. If the usual soaking does not work in warm water, then use the people's councils.

You will need:

- warm water; - Vinegar; - Ammonia; - Refined petrol.

Instruction how to remove…

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How To Calculate The Mansard Roof

How to calculate the mansard roof

Popularity attics is growing rapidly, because the construction of the attic allows you to increase the usable living space with minimal material costs. A special role in the construction of attic given to the construction of the roof, so it is important to calculate in advance the construct.

You will need:

- Paper; - a pen;…

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How To Install Acrylic Bathroom

How to install acrylic bathroom

Currently, the increasing popularity began to use acrylic bathtubs. They may be of various shapes and designs. However, it is not worth saving, buying a bath, and choose it only from reputable manufacturers. Otherwise subsequently bath can change color and even crack. Installation of bathroom can be entrusted to professional builders and do it yourself. Home…

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How To Plant Yucca

How to plant yucca

Jukka likes to low humidity and good lighting. Watering this plant is rarely needed. Can be planted as a yucca seeds and pre rooted cuttings. To plant and grow yucca, you should try to create an environment as close to natural.

You will need:

- sand or substrate; - Activated carbon; - Light soil (turf and leaf earth,…

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How To Install Suspended Ceilings

How to install suspended ceilings

Pinion ceilings - the device is quite simple in its installation. However, non-compliance with certain rules of its installation, you may experience various problems, from crooked ceilings set up their complete collapse. That's why you need a very careful approach to the issues of fixing suspended ceilings.

You will need:

- combs; - Rails; - Suspensions; -…

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How To Choose A Door Handle

How to choose a door handle

The door handle - is not only a significant element of the interior, but also important from the point of view of the functioning of the subject. The choice of material and equipment door handles depends on their purpose and usage.

You will need:

- range of door handles; - The technical characteristics of the handles.…

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