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How To Grow Healthy Seedlings Of Cucumbers

How to grow healthy seedlings of cucumbers

The key to a great harvest of cucumbers is a high-quality seedlings. To grow it is necessary not only to comply with planting dates, but also to create all the necessary conditions for future plants.

And cucumbers grown in the greenhouse, and without a cover. For further planting in a greenhouse or a greenhouse…

Apartment And Villa
Basic Rules Of Combination Of Colors In The Interior

Basic rules of combination of colors in the interior

The importance of choosing the interior color solutions can hardly be overestimated. After all, it not only depends on the appearance of your home, but also the internal state of mind. With proper selection of colors you can choose the right mood for a particular room. With the main color is usually…

Apartment And Villa
How To Make A Small Room Visually Larger

How to make a small room visually larger

Square meters of housing in metropolitan areas are quite expensive, so many young families have to buy small apartments. And the question "how to make a small room visually larger" often it occurs during the accomplishment of the acquired housing.

You will need:

- bright paint or wallpaper; - Bright decorations (vase mat); -…

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How To Wash Wool Blanket

How to wash wool blanket

For a pleasant and comfortable sleep must be appropriate bedding, which includes a soft, warm and cozy blanket. With proper care and adequate period of its operation is not limited. Many wonder: so how to properly care for the blanket and can I wash it?

You will need:

- borax, - soap, - washing up liquid, -…

Apartment And Villa
How To Call A Plumber

How to call a plumber

To change plumbing or repair leaky faucet, you need to call a plumber (in other words, this profession is called a plumber). Only a specialist can guarantee the reliability and security of all connections, gather and set things right.

Instruction how to call the plumber

Step 1:

Traditional call plumber from housing department, Deza, RG or other…

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How To Make A Table For Manual Router

How to make a table for manual router

Handyman, is engaged in manufacturing of furniture, it's hard to do without a compact milling machine. But the processing of very small pieces of such milling machine becomes difficult. To increase the functionality of the router can be, fixing it on the table to get a homemade vertical milling machine.

You will need:


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How To Make An Electric Heater

How to make an electric heater

The most effective electric heaters are made on the principle of a heat gun - the body in the form of a pipe with a heating coil inside and a fan that drives the air through it. This design allows quick removal of heat from the heating element, an intensive exchange of air in the…

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How To Wash Whitewash From The Walls

How to wash whitewash from the walls

As you know, every repair begins with the removal of old coatings, whether wallpaper, plaster, linoleum or whitewash. Last less frequently used in the repair of apartments or other premises, it is used for decoration of warehouses, shops or entrances. Cleaning the walls of whitewash is a very complex and time-consuming process.

You will…

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How To Avoid Bolting Onions

How to avoid bolting onions

Often in the onion crop you can see the arrow that appears. This is due to improper storage Seva in the winter. To avoid this situation in the next year, it is necessary to comply with the temperature and humidity conditions during storage of planting material.

When Seva tab for the winter need to know that…

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How To Connect A Halogen Lamp

How to connect a halogen lamp

To begin with we shall understand, what is a halogen lamp, or the like can be heard in the "halogen" of the people, and what its benefits are. Halogen is a sealed capsule of the tubular shaped quartz glass, filled with a gas mixture (iodo or bromo). Due to the quartz tube can withstand higher…

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How To Escape From The Ants In The Country

How to escape from the ants in the country

In the summer garden ants begin to vigorously attack the country sites, making them rest in a disaster. Get rid of ants is difficult, but possible. There are several proven ways.

The easiest way - pour boiling water anthill. You can also sprinkle it with hot ashes from the fire, to dig…

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7 Ways To Effectively Insulate Windows

7 ways to effectively insulate windows

Thermal insulation of windows - an important and mandatory process before each winter, especially if you're in an apartment old wooden frames. About 40% of heat loss occurs at the expense of Windows. Installation of plastic windows, of course, removes some of the problems, but what if you do not have plastic windows? There are…

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How To Replace The Fuel Pump

How to replace the fuel pump

Gasoline pump is one of the most important parts of the car. Usually, the fuel pump has a very robust design but sometimes, after all, there is a need to be replaced. Replace the fuel pump will help you in any service station but, if necessary, the procedure can be carried out completely independently. Since,…

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How To Fix The Plasma

How to fix the plasma

Most often, Plasma, LCD or LED panel has to be mounted on the wall, because the large size of the device does not allow to install it on a special table or cabinet. However, the considerable weight of the panel and its cost make some think twice before choosing a method of fixing.

You will need:


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How To Combine The Wallpaper On The Wall

How to combine the wallpaper on the wall

One of the simplest and most cost-effective design options of interior space is considered a combination of wallpaper in different colors and textures. Picking successful combination, you can visually divide the room into several zones, expand the narrow space and raise the low ceilings, thus transforming the interior beyond recognition.

Instruction how to…

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How To Put On The Floor Joists

How to put on the floor joists

Laying on floor joists has a number of obvious advantages. This floor less rassyhaetsya, it is warmer, smoother, and allows for better noise insulation. But all these advantages are taking place only with proper installation.

You will need:

- planed bar 50x50 mm; - Screws; - building level; - Roofing; - Cordless drill; - Plugs;…

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How To Calculate The Heating In The House

How to calculate the heating in the house

Once the house is built, it is sure to take care of its heating. It is necessary to consider what the temperature you need in the room. Be sure to take into account that the outside of the house can be as low temperature.

Instruction how to calculate the heating in the house


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How To Make A Steam Boiler

How to make a steam boiler

Steam boiler is a plant with a furnace that is heated by fuel combustion products. The boiler is designed for generating superheated steam by heat recovery. These settings can be applied in everyday life, but it should be borne in mind that if you are going to make a home steam boiler on its own,…

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As A Warm Bath

As a warm bath

Bath is a delight of the Russian soul. An integral part of it is the heating system. For heating baths the most commonly used stoves - heaters, and for the waiting room - fireplace.

Instruction as a warm bath

Step 1:

Oven-heater is in most cases able to heat the steam bath and heat water. It will also…

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How To Measure Height

How to measure height

When construction work on a regular basis it is necessary to measure the height. However, it does not always have the opportunity to do this with the help of roulette. There is a fairly accurate measurement of the height of the old method.

You will need:

2 peg hammer or ax stone, or any other heavy object Roulette…

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