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How To Make A Dispenser

How to make a dispenser

WC - the place, without which a person simply can not do, but so cozy and comfortable to use the toilet, it is important to properly care for them, clean and disinfect. Tired of buying weekly cleaning products, which is enough just for a few days? The dispenser is an appropriate solution here.

You will need:


Apartment And Villa
How To Clean The Liquid Nails

How to clean the liquid nails

Repair work is already nearing the end? It remains only one small thing: to wash everything and arrange the furniture. But sometimes this is not so easy as it might seem at first glance. Well, if you only need to wash the frozen drops on the floor from water-based paint, but if you need to…

Apartment And Villa
Butterflies In The Interior. How To Decorate The Wall Of Butterflies And Flat As A Whole.

Butterflies in the interior. How to decorate the wall of butterflies and flat as a whole.

By attaching a butterfly on the wall in the house, you will decorate your interior. And expenses with a little effort, time and money, because the butterfly can do with their hands. They look very lively, bright, space and beautiful.

Option №1. We need:…

Apartment And Villa
How To Fasten The Plinth

How to fasten the plinth

Carrying out repairs in the apartment, sooner or later, you will come across with the need to mount a floor plinth. For many, such a task may seem quite complicated, but in practice it seems to be more than just.

You will need:

Hammer, plinth, fixing set to the plinth.

Instruction how to tie a plinth

Step 1:…

Apartment And Villa
How To Equip A Home Workshop

How to equip a home workshop

Home Workshop - a place designed for the implementation of creative ideas host. It can be temporarily equipped kitchen. You can adapt a workshop of the living room. But if you can, equip in the basement.

You will need:

- crafting table; - Tool cabinet; - First aid kit; - Extinguisher; - drinking water; - Rags.…

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How To Calculate The Wooden Staircase

How to calculate the wooden staircase

A wooden staircase in the house starts with the optimal site selection for its location, calculate the amount of hops, steps, stair step size. From the correctness of the definition of these indicators depends largely on the safety and comfort of use.

You will need:

- Roulette - paper - pen - calculator - house plan…

Apartment And Villa
Harvesting And Storage Of Planting Material Of Strawberries In The Refrigerator

Harvesting and storage of planting material of strawberries in the refrigerator

Sometimes you want to propagate a favorite variety of strawberries, but this summer is not enough, especially if very little of the original bushes.

All have long known that in the winter takes a lot of outlets formed, which can be used for strawberry breeding. So I decided to use…

Apartment And Villa
How To Make The Floor Of The First Floor

How to make the floor of the first floor

During the construction of a country house it is important to take into account the rules and building technology, especially when it comes to the floor construction - one of the most important elements of your home, on which depends the warmth, comfort and reliability of the structure.

Instruction how to make…

Apartment And Villa
How To Bleach Kitchen Towels

How to bleach kitchen towels

Light cloth kitchen towels get dirty very quickly - traces of preparing food, spray, dirty finger prints, etc. Denim is not easy to wash out of persistent organic pollutants, will have to try all methods.

You will need:

- laundry detergent; - Bleach; - lemon juice; - dishwashing liquid; - boric acid; - Ammonia.

Instruction how to…

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How To Hang A Plasma

How to hang a plasma

Modern plasma TVs could deliver lovers of spacious accommodation from the need to buy additional furniture, serving as the base. Now, in the presence of a suitable attachment, you can hang a plasma on the wall and free up valuable space in the room.

You will need:

- screws - screwdriver - an arm - a special…

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How To Recognize The Poor Seedlings

How to recognize the poor seedlings

Not all themselves grow seedlings for your country site, and buy it on the markets or in specialized stores. To flowerbeds pleased beautiful flowers, and the beds a good harvest, the seedlings need to choose the right.

Instruction how to recognize bad seedlings

Step 1:

No matter how early would like to plant flowers or vegetables,…

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How To Fix Leaking Pipes

How to fix leaking pipes

In older homes tubes usually have a poor condition. That is why more and more people are replacing old corroded pipes with new plastic. However, not everyone has that opportunity. In such situations, you just need to be measured. The old pipes are often begin to flow. Leakage water pipe can be removed independently.

Instruction how…

Apartment And Villa
How To Install Interior Arches

How to install interior arches

Arch - almost indispensable element of interior decoration premises. Properly installed and decorated arch makes visually doorway is much wider, thus achieving the effect of feeling more spacious premises. How to install interior doors Arch?

You will need:

- Directly arch; - Tools: Saw, hammer, tape measure, pencil, level; - PVA glue.

Instruction how to install interior…

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How To Identify Gas

How to identify gas

In the air that people breathe, sometimes fall harmful impurities in the form of gas. This is especially dangerous in enclosed spaces. Part of the gas is determined by the sense of smell, but the most effective way - the use of special gas analyzers. Only in this case can be fixed quickly and accurately change the…

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How To Peel An Adhesive Tape

How to peel an adhesive tape

Adhesive tape used for various household and industrial needs. With the help of adhesive tape wrapped things, protects the surface of objects in the repair and transportation, mounted linoleum ... Whatever the destination tape, may one day need to tear it. Some sticky strip depart without any problems and leave almost no trace behind, and…

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How To Lay Linoleum

How to lay linoleum

Today, the market can find a huge selection of flooring. Linoleum the condemned enjoys popularity due to its simplicity and easy-care flooring in the operation.

You will need:

- special knives with interchangeable blades; - A special adhesive for linoleum; - Double-sided adhesive tape; - Primer; - Mastic.

Instruction how to lay linoleum

Step 1:

Decide whether you will…

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How To Make A Grille

How to make a grille

In many homes have survived the old cast iron radiators, look they are not very aesthetically pleasing, and new paint will not help here. The screen on the battery and can buy, but to do it yourself quickly and easily for a man accustomed to hand tools. The material for the frame - a wooden slats,…

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Why Raspberry Yellow And Dries

Why raspberry yellow and dries

Many gardeners who grow raspberries on the site, often faced with the fact that the foliage shrub begins to turn yellow prematurely, and shoots, without apparent reason - to dry up. Definitely answer why this phenomenon has touched the plant, it is impossible, but some factors you can identify.

Raspberries - it's fruiting shrub that like…

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How To Put Beacons On The Wall

How to put beacons on the wall

Quite often in the repair needs to be addressed setting a beacon of plaster mixture. These beacons are quite a few advantages: first, you can save money on the lighthouses themselves, and secondly, you will save on the amount of the mixture, the alignment of the wall. The fact that the beacons from plaster…

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Ways To Extend Twisted Pair: How To Choose The Correct

Ways to extend twisted pair: how to choose the correct

What if because of the computer changes in the other room became necessary extension of twisted pair, or there is a cable break? Should I change the cable completely (as is often advised in various forums) or solve the problem can be with their own hands? There are several ways.


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