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How To Style Bikrost

How to style Bikrost

This surfaced material appeared on the market in the early 90s. Bikrost is fiberglass, which caused a high-quality binder based on bitumen. Roofing, arranged Bikrost, waterproof, thermostability, fire-proof and has a long service life.

You will need:

- Bikrost; - Bituminous primer; - Propane torch.

Instruction how to style Bikrost

Step 1:

Prepare the surface, clean it of debris.…

Apartment And Villa
How To Root Ficus Benjamina

How to root Ficus benjamina

It is difficult to imagine a cozy home or apartment without natural plants and flowers. They delight the eye with its greenery and freshness, bring some lively touch and give the interior finish. One of the most common overseas plant is Ficus benjamina. It can be purchased in any flower shop, but you can try to…

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How To Disassemble The Socket

How to disassemble the socket

Electrical outlets can not always throw up surprises - spark, warm, or simply fail. And even if the outlet is still performing its function, but in this case there are any adverse effects, should think about its maintenance. Otherwise, every minute will be exposed to the threat not only to repair all electrical wiring, but also…

Apartment And Villa
How To Make A Decorative Tree

How to make a decorative tree

The tree symbolizes loyalty, strength, peace and enlightenment. In Christianity, in iconography, the tree - a symbol of the God-given life. It is no wonder they say "Tree of Life". Tree as if connects heaven and earth. It is reliable, fruitful. Often, a tree to decorate the house - it's intuitive desire to stabilize the…

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How To Store Seeds

How to store seeds

It would seem that with the advent of autumn, the main concern gardeners come to an end, but this is not true. Before the frost should deal with the seeds, to prepare them for the next season. To get good germination in the spring, it is necessary to ensure proper storage of the seeds.

The main reason…

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Landscape Design Tasks

Landscape Design Tasks

Immortal Song (Song Xi Mao's doctor), he felt that growing older, he moved to a secluded place with green hills and clear water, built a house and dug a pond, planted trees and flowers, and lived there until the year 101. We would also not hurt. Due to the urgency of landscaping to the fore direction of "landscaping".…

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How To Cut Trees

How to cut trees

Living in the country, the ability to cut the trees have to learn and to apply, for two reasons. Firstly, working in the garden, it is necessary from time to time to trim garden trees, forming their crown and thus rejuvenating fruit branches. And secondly, the trees grow old, wither, so they must be periodically clean. Felled,…

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How To Arrange A Home Iconostasis

How to arrange a home iconostasis

Sooner or later, most Orthodox people have a desire to make a small corner for prayer. By building a home iconostasis should be approached deliberately. Just can not be randomly set icons. It is necessary to observe a few simple rules.

You will need:

Icon of Jesus Christ Icon of Our Lady of the other icons,…

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How To Change The Burner

How to change the burner

Electric stoves are easy to use, maintain a constant temperature, allowing you to be sure that food is cooked properly. The apartment is no smell of gas, and periodic problems with the employees of gas services. However, as with any other electrical device or appliance, electric fryers tend to fail. The board can be broken completely,…

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How To Plant A Cactus

How to plant a cactus

Vaccination gives fans of the cactus to diversify the collection. Sometimes, however, it is carried out and, if necessary - as a treatment. By grafting is meant artificial hybridization of closely related, belonging to the same family of cacti, when the young part of the shoot (scion) is combined with having their own roots rootstock.


Apartment And Villa
How To Make A Wooden Shelf

How to make a wooden shelf

If you do not already know what to do with a book or a small porcelain and metal figures, each time they have to move from one place to another to get the necessary items from the tables, open the window or put a bag on a shelf in the hallway; then you need to…

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As New Roof Slate

As new roof slate

The roof - one of the most important building constructions. She and small town houses must be durable, with good solid roof. Exotic glinosolomennye, glinokamyshovye and shingle roofs go into irrevocable past: other practical roofing materials are successfully used in individual housing. Choose thin steel and aluminum, and soft clay tiles, metal roofing. It has long and…

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