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How To Build A Wooden Arbor With Their Hands

How to build a wooden arbor with their hands

Gazebo on the country site or near residential cottage is certainly a functional structure, creating comfort and convenience to the owners. On warm days, it can be carried out at a dinner party with a barbecue, and in the evening to drink tea with his family. Special pride of the hosts are…

Apartment And Villa
How To Glue Decorative Stone

How to glue decorative stone

Decorative stone is widely used for interior and exterior use. It looks great both on the facades of houses, and as a lining of columns or fireplaces. Such popularity of this material was made possible thanks to the special properties of the artificial stone, such as its water resistance and resistance to cold. When attaching the…

Apartment And Villa
How To Decorate The Plastic Windows To

How to decorate the plastic windows to

Finishing window slopes - surgery is not cheap. For this reason, people often reject it. Plastic window can be trimmed by hand. In this case you can save a decent amount of money.

Instruction how to decorate the plastic windows

Step 1:

The simplest and cheapest option is to finish plaster. Please note, if no…

Apartment And Villa
How To Choose The Air Conditioner

How to choose the air conditioner

The appearance of the air conditioner manufacturer and brand, of course, play an important role in the purchase of such equipment. However, more attention should be paid to the technical side, choosing the air conditioning, which meets the needs of the owner and the operating conditions of the equipment.

Instruction how to choose the air…

Apartment And Villa
How To Clean The Air Of Dust

How to clean the air of dust

For the year in the apartment can accumulate up to 8 grams of house dust per square meter, causing a lot of health problems. This dust is a strong allergen. In addition, a plurality of dust contains substances harmful to the organism: bacteria, pollen, mold spores, and fungi, dust mites allocation.

You will need:


Apartment And Villa
How To Dry Umbrella

How to dry umbrella

In spring and autumn umbrella - a vital subject and stylish accessory that should always be with you. Of course, it would be desirable to favorite umbrella served as long and still look beautiful. To change it every season, you must learn how to properly care for them.

Instruction how to dry umbrella

Step 1:

Most people dried…

Apartment And Villa
How To Choose Wicker Furniture For The Garden

How to choose wicker furniture for the garden

Suburban land for urban residents is a great place for a rest from the bustle of the big city. Wicker patio furniture will solidly build and decorate your land. But how to choose wicker furniture, knows not every amateur gardener.

Instruction how to choose wicker furniture to give

Step 1:

Country furniture is an…

Apartment And Villa
How To Cover The Gap

How to cover the gap

The gaps in the flooring or in doorways do not cause positive emotions. Such cracks are constantly striking and spoil the fun of being indoors. However, you can easily cope with this trouble.

Instruction how to cover the gap

Step 1:

Clean the room in which will be carried out sealing of cracks: move the furniture in…

Apartment And Villa
How To Grow Organic Vegetables

How to grow organic vegetables

Organic vegetables less often can be found in the stores, so if you care about your health, you care about what you eat, try to grow their own. Little infield will be enough to provide for themselves absolutely safe vegetables.

Seeds, use only those that are not tested and treated a variety of chemical compounds, which…

Apartment And Villa
How To Remove Stains From Candles

How to remove stains from candles

A romantic evening by candlelight is not able to leave only pleasant memories in the hearts of its participants, but also paraffin traces on their clothing. Wash off stains from the candle is not so easy, because the wax included in its composition, it has a fat basis. But throw out spoiled clothes are not…

Apartment And Villa
How To Decorate The Nursery

How to decorate the nursery

Who does not dream of the kids on his room? And not just the room, and this small kingdom of children's fantasy. Therefore, the parents are often the question arises: how to equip children so that she loved the child, drew his attention, a positive effect on the emotional state and still room?

You will need:


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How To Plant A Hydrangea

How to plant a hydrangea

Hydrangea - present garden decoration. Luxury amazing flowers, their beauty, variety and colors are striking. Riot inflorescences of white, purple, pink and even blue, crowning a long flower stalks, pleasing to the eye and admired. Even hydrangea leaves, bright green and soft, pleasing look. To plant and grow hydrangea easy, we just have to know certain…

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As The Seat Monstera

As the seat Monstera

The name of this elegant plant comes from the Latin word "monstrum" which translates as "the Beast", although monstera incredibly beautiful, and it has a lot of fans of the flower. This is quite a large plant, and sometimes its seating is quite a big problem.

Instruction as the seat Monstera

Step 1:

Monstera should be seated in…

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How To Grow Chinese Cabbage

How to grow Chinese cabbage

Chinese cabbage can be considered a new vegetable for our country, which is commercially available. According to its nutritional value, it does not yield the usual cabbage, and one might even say superior to its beneficial and curative properties. Grow Chinese cabbage and possibly on your own site.

Instruction how to grow Chinese cabbage

Step 1:


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How To Cope With Diseases Of Grapes

How to cope with diseases of grapes

Gardeners, engaged in cultivation of grapes, pay much attention to measures to protect the vines from various diseases. Ignoring protective work can lead to yield loss and even death of the plant.

You will need:

- garden tools; - Sprayer; - Bordeaux mixture; - Preparation "DNOC"; - Preparation "Quadris"; - Preparation "Nitrafen"; - Preparation of…

Apartment And Villa
How To Change The Wiring In The Apartment

How to change the wiring in the apartment

You bought the old apartment and decided to make it a major overhaul? repairs. In this case, do not save: immediately proceed to the replacement of the existing wiring. There is nothing complicated, just in this work should be approached in good faith and in any case not to hurry.

Instruction how to…

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How To Tie Up Tomatoes In Greenhouses

How to tie up tomatoes in greenhouses

Tie tomatoes is accepted everywhere. In the south they grow vast plantations, and this procedure no one wants to waste time and energy. However, there are tomatoes fruit is much better than at mid-latitudes. It turns out that on the stems of plants have small pimples - it is the beginnings of roots, which…

Apartment And Villa
How Do I Add A Balcony To The Room

How do I add a balcony to the room

Unfortunately, the typical types of apartments not rooms are large in size, so the person will sooner or later becomes cramped and uncomfortable, I want freedom and spaciousness. The most original decision to increase the living space - a balcony attached to the room.

If you clearly decide for themselves to act…

Apartment And Villa
How To Distinguish Between Olive Oil

How to distinguish between olive oil

Olive oil - a useful and tasty product, which is used in the preparation of both hot and cold dishes. But at the time of purchase it is important to know how to present the oil from a fake can be distinguished.

Instruction how to distinguish between olive oil

Step 1:

Look at how oil behaves…

Apartment And Villa
How To Decorate The Entrance

How to decorate the entrance

If your staircase seems boring and uncomfortable, and the gray and ragged walls catching depression, converts it using simple methods of decoration. Do not act alone, invite your neighbors. And then it changes for the better not only your staircase.

You will need:

The fabric, oilcloth, potted plants, cord, tape, stapler, double sided tape, paint bright colors,…

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