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How To Remove Mercury

How to remove mercury

Mercury (Hydrargyrum) is a highly toxic metal retains liquid form, even at room temperature. Special danger to humans and animals are mercury vapor, which, when penetrating into the body through the respiratory tract or the skin can cause serious metabolic disorders, as well as have a negative effect on the nervous sistemu.Nesmotrya that mercury in nature in…

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How To Replant A Cyclamen

How to replant a cyclamen

In July, ending a period of rest in cyclamen. Begin to appear new young leaves. This time is the most favorable for transplanting plants. In this case, you can wait for the next bloom in November or December.

Instruction how to replant a cyclamen

Step 1:

Before transplanting cyclamen, gently remove the remaining leaves from the attachment.…

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How To Remove The Fungus From The Room

How to remove the fungus from the room

Excessive humidity in a room can lead to the formation of mold on the walls, which not only spoils the appearance of your home, but also causes health problems. If you do not deal with this problem, the fungus eventually destroy the building materials. At the first sign of mold immediately proceed to…

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How To Make A Flower-Bed In The Garden

How to make a flower-bed in the garden

Ridges - a special kind of narrow and long flower bed with plants two or three varieties. Rabatki are unilateral, bilateral, rectangular, asymmetric, symmetric. The shape and form depends on the creativity and the desire to host the site.

The width of the ridges often is 40-50 cm, rarely up to 1.5 meters,…

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How To Cut The Sink In The Countertop

How to cut the sink in the countertop

Kitchen sink is probably the second most important subject in the kitchen, after the plate. Therefore, its convenient location and reliable installation is one of the main tasks in the kitchen equipment. If you have some skills and a set of simple tools to cut out the sink in the countertop it is…

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How To Choose A Coffee Machine Espresso

How to choose a coffee machine espresso

To prepare the perfect espresso requires only three things: water, coffee and, of course, coffee. This miracle machine was created in 1901 as an engineer and inventor from Milan Luigi Betstserom. What is the difference from the usual espresso coffee drink? The main condition of the first - a stable pressure, plus the heated…

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As Polished Steel

As polished steel

After polishing, the steel is not only starts to shine. By reducing the surface roughness, and hence the area of ​​contact with air, reduces the tendency to corrosion products. At home, for polishing steel drill can be used with an appropriate nozzle.

You will need:

- cloth gloves for mechanical works; - protective glasses; - Respirator; - sandpaper; -…

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How To Grow A Strong, Good Seedlings Of Peppers

How to grow a strong, good seedlings of peppers

To grow strong seedlings of peppers, it is important to follow a few key agricultural practices. The first step is to get acquainted with the culture of the botanical characteristics.

You will need:

- Seeds of pepper - "little school" (Container, box plants, plastic packaging of products) - ground (50% of sod land,…

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How To Buy Container

How to buy container

Container - the equipment necessary for the transport and storage of goods of any specifics. Their size and weight must comply with the required standards. Transportation of cargo containers is carried out by means of road, rail and marine modes of transportation.

Instruction how to buy container

Step 1:

If you need to transport any cargo, the first…

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How To Bring The Chickens In An Incubator

How to bring the chickens in an incubator

Chickens can not only buy at the poultry farm, but also to bring in the home using electric incubator. On sale incubators into any number of eggs with automatic operation. The chamber is constantly maintained the required temperature and humidity. But in the breeding of chickens is necessary to observe some rules.


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How To Get Rid Of Lice

How to get rid of lice

Activators of lice may be one of three types of lice: head, pubic and wardrobe. It is believed that the disease occurs in low-income and well-groomed men. However, this is not true, no one can be safe from the disease, since lice are quite prolific, and easy enough to catch them. Get rid of the…

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How To Grow Cilantro

How to grow cilantro

Cilantro (coriander) has been known since ancient times. It spread around the world as an essential-oil culture with a strong odor. This plant is like most in the eastern countries. People use the young leaves of coriander as a spicy seasoning for meat and vegetable dishes, to sauces and raw - in salads.

Instruction how to grow…

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How To Make A Soft Towel

How to make a soft towel

So nice after a shower bury his face in a fluffy towel and wrap it around the body. And what do you do when your household items become hard and rough? I ceased to absorb water, but only spreads it on the skin? Use the tips listed and return the towel softness.

You will need:


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How To Make An Arch In The Doorway

How to make an arch in the doorway

Boring doorway can make a beautiful, original, decorate it with the help of drywall in the form of an arch. Arch can be done in "modern" style, "romantic", or have a classic trapezoidal appearance. If you set your own sheetrock, you nor any were not working to make the arch. Usually made of…

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What If The Roof Leaks

What if the roof leaks

Any roof can eventually begin to leak. In this case, it is necessary to do the repair. Currently very popular metal. That it is better to use in the repair.

Note the presence of the protective film on the material. It should be removed only after installation is complete. To start enjoy a preparatory work. Attach…

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How To Check The Quality Of Plastic Windows

How to check the quality of plastic windows

Companies that provide services for the installation of windows, a lot, and choose one of them is not easy. Recommendations of friends, acquaintances and neighbors are very important, but they do not guarantee that the windows are high-quality and durable. Check the quality of the windows themselves quite difficult. You can only rely…

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How To Draw An Interior Room

How to draw an interior room

Draw the interior need in order to be able to clearly imagine how to furnish a room, how will she decorated. And in order to correctly calculate all and then do not be disappointed in the result, you need to learn the correct construction of the interior space in the drawing.

You will need:

a computer;…

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Wicker Basket In The Interior - Ideal For Storage

Wicker basket in the interior - ideal for storage

Wum products from vines, rattan, bamboo, sea grass, or in the interior there are more and more often. It can be sofas and chairs, tables and coffee tables, shelves and screens. There are in the interior and wicker baskets, which are at the same time in addition to the overall design and…

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How To Make An Abandoned Site

How to make an abandoned site

Abandoned land is inherently abandoned object. Art. 225 of the Civil Code defines ownerless thing as not having the owner or the one where the owner is unknown or abandoned property rights to it. Waive that right is considered, including the heir of the former owner of the land. When the heirs have not become…

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How To Choose Wallpaper For Painting

How to choose wallpaper for painting

Wallpaper for painting (structure) have a relief surface and used to make the coating a certain texture. They do not contain the pattern, very practical and available, allow you to create interesting design solutions.

Instruction how to choose wallpaper for painting

Step 1:

Identify features of the coating, which is necessary to decorate. On how smooth…

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