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How To Combine Nursery And Bedroom In One Room

How to combine nursery and bedroom in one room

Of course, all family members must be private space. However, the number of square meters is not always possible to withdraw a separate room for each. Sometimes it is necessary to combine in the same area all at once - for example, nursery and bedroom.

Instruction how to combine nursery and bedroom…

Apartment And Villa
How To Make The Fountain Cottage

How to make the fountain cottage

Modern cottage - it's not just the beds and fruit bushes. Today people flock to their land, to relax, to merge with nature, get a charge of vivacity and find peace of mind. That is why many cottages in our days are decorated with artificial ponds and fountains, some of these owners are building their…

Apartment And Villa
How To Repair The Air Conditioner

How to repair the air conditioner

Air conditioning is a fairly complex technical device that requires compliance with the relevant rules for its operation. Like any technical system, air conditioning may be damaged if used incorrectly or for other reasons. If the device is not working properly, do not despair. Some types of air conditioner malfunctions, you can try to correct…

Apartment And Villa
How To Cook An Inverter Unit

How to cook an inverter unit

Inverter welding machines are becoming more common due to the numerous advantages, they can be found in almost any store that sells welding equipment. Those who first encountered this technique, you should know the basic rules of its use.

Instruction how to boil an inverter unit

Step 1:

The main difference between the inverter welding machine…

Apartment And Villa
How To Get Rid Of Condensation On The Plastic Windows

How to get rid of condensation on the plastic windows

they fog up - When the temperature outside on plastic windows, condensation may occur. The reason is a significant difference between the temperatures on the outside, inside the package, and the window in the room. According to the rules of physics rapid condensation of water from the air is influenced by…

Apartment And Villa
Potted Plants In The Interior Of The Apartment

Potted plants in the interior of the apartment

One of the main tasks is to provide for phyto person comfortable and cozy atmosphere. The interior design of living plants play the role of the important elements of the decor. They give a unique personality and a finished look to your home.

Instruction indoor plants in the interior of the apartment

Step 1:…

Apartment And Villa
How To Arrange The Living Room

How to arrange the living room

The living room, perhaps, be called the heart of the house or apartment. This is the place where meet, relax and communicate with family members. There are hosting. Making repairs, often wonder how to arrange the room in which to consider all tastes and wishes of the household. How to make sure that there was…

Apartment And Villa
How To Choose The Kitchen Stove

How to choose the kitchen stove

The most important helper woman in the kitchen - stove is. Today, to buy such a device is easy, but to choose the right turns is not everyone. Without serious baggage of knowledge, you can hardly pick up the really suitable for home stove. Therefore, in order not to err in the choice and make…

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How To Grow Pepino

How to grow pepino

Pepino - a perennial plant that belongs to the family Solanaceae. In people, it is called "melon pear." The fruits have a characteristic taste of melon, weighing on average about 200-800 grams. But there is one problem that arises in the process of cultivation of pepino - fruits do not have time to ripen in the open…

Apartment And Villa
How To Choose The Color Of The Bath

How to choose the color of the bath

Twenty years ago, fashionable colors for finishing the bathroom considered white and blue colors. Color trends are changing now every year. color picker paying special attention to: dependent emotions, feelings and mood of it. Active colors excite the nervous system, and passive - to soothe, pacify.

Instruction how to choose the color of…

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How To Paint Winter

How to paint winter

Exterior painting often have to be conducted in the winter, good, modern technology allows to choose the coloring compositions which are resistant to low temperatures. However, this does not mean that you can paint in the winter as well as summer.

Instruction how to paint winter

Step 1:

The fluidity of paint and primer in winter varies greatly,…

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How To Remove Grease Stains From Doors

How to remove grease stains from doors

Sooner or later, on the surface of wood or metal doors can be formed grease stains that detract from the appearance of the interior of the house. They usually appear in places where we often have enough hands - that is, near the handle. Bottom door grease stains can be formed from children's stained…

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How To Deduce Stains Stroke

How to deduce stains stroke

Barcode-corrector for correction of errors in any documents and writings. Can be aqueous, alcoholic or emulsion composition, and sold in the form of solvent-based tapes and adjusts the necessary records dry method. Stains from any touch-corrector is not possible to deduce the usual washing, therefore they should be treated first.

You will need:

- removal tool bar…

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How To Paint Fabric

How to paint fabric

Quite a lot of people at least once thought about how to paint your favorite thing in a different color. For this matter must be approached very seriously. If one point is missed, then the thing will just be spoiled.

Instruction how to dye cloth

Step 1:

To start, determine from which the fiber is made thing. It…

Apartment And Villa
How To Store Dahlias Winter

How to store dahlias winter

Dahlias - beautiful dolgotsvetuschie plants with very different form of inflorescences and a wide range of colors. The varieties of dahlias great multitude, their inflorescences vary in size and degree of terry, for which they are particularly fond of collectors. In the autumn the tubers of this flower is necessary to dig up and sent to…

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How To Make A Soft Headboard

How to make a soft headboard

Upholstered Headboard bed will make any more original and cozy. This method will allow the modification of the usual things to enter it into any interior. You will be able to choose the form of the head, as well as color and texture of upholstery.

You will need:

- plywood - foam - batting - stapler…

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How To Lay Underfloor Heating

How to lay underfloor heating

If you decide to install underfloor heating alone, refer to the design engineer to produce a drawing on which will do the job. And if all installation rules are met, your home will be more comfortable and cozy.

Instruction how to lay underfloor heating

Step 1:

Prepare the ground for laying the thermal insulation layer by its…

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How To Install The Door In The Room

How to install the door in the room

When repairing the premises should pay great attention to interior doors. With qualitatively installed doors will not have any problems in the future.

Instruction how to install the door in the room

Step 1:

First, you need to assemble the door frame. Bars washed down the door at the height of the box. Their…

Apartment And Villa
How To Arrange Drip Irrigation In The Country

How to arrange drip irrigation in the country

When you can not see much in the country, to come to the aid of the system of drip irrigation. It will protect the landing from the drought and the lack of life-giving water. Install this system you can own, without the help of professionals.

drip system, or spot, watering can be easily…

Apartment And Villa
How To Keep The Winter Apple

How to keep the winter apple

A large number of existing varieties of apple grower gives you the opportunity to pick the plant, the most adapted to the climatic characteristics of the region. However, in central Russia it is recommended to take a number of measures for the protection of fruit trees in the winter.

You will need:

- superphosphate; - Potassium…

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