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As To Water, Saving Time, Energy And Water

As to water, saving time, energy and water

Looking after plants in the garden and the garden, do not forget to water them regularly. Save water, do not water a strong jet, which can erode the soil, deformed leaves and bare roots.

You will need:

- mulch; - A piece of plastic pipe filled with gravel; - polyethylene film; - garden hose;…

Apartment And Villa
How To Sheathe Siding Brick House

How to sheathe siding brick house

Siding - a relatively new decorative material. Different types of it are used inside and outside the premises. Work easily with it, installation is fast and the result is visible at once. Steering house siding neat, well-groomed appearance, and additional insulation never hurts.

You will need:

- vinyl siding; - Metal slats; - Cord; - Level;…

Apartment And Villa
How To Connect The Dishwasher

How to connect the dishwasher

The acquisition of the dishwasher is very happy event. This appliance takes care of all the washing up, and his appearance releases a significant amount of time to practice more pleasant and necessary things. The only thing to do - is to properly connect the machine to the water supply, sewerage and power supply, as well…

Apartment And Villa
How To Connect Your Home Phone

How to connect your home phone

For many phone - not fungible thing in the house. Until a few decades ago, it became the most popular means of communication between people and did not lose it, even in our time. The problem faced by connecting the phone to mostly those who have just moved into a new apartment or private houses.…

Apartment And Villa
What Perennial Flowers To Plant In The Country

What perennial flowers to plant in the country

Buying garden plot, inexperienced gardeners often do not know what to plant perennial flowers in the flowerbed. In this case, it is important to choose undemanding plants that do not require complex care, but every year to please their owners lush flowering.

For novice gardeners are undemanding perennials are ideal for gardens that…

Apartment And Villa
How To Check The Evenness Of The Floor

How to check the evenness of the floor

Ideal flat floor is needed not only from an aesthetic point of view. Floor Flatness affects how well will be laid floor covering. As you know, fix uneven floor - is expensive. Therefore it is better to buy housing with the already flat floor. To make sure the floor uneven, use one of…

Apartment And Villa
How To Enter Into A New Apartment

How to enter into a new apartment

Well, here came the most awaited moment - the purchase of new apartments and moving into it. But do not hurry up, because this is necessary to thoroughly prepare. This includes not only repairs and general cleaning, but also some rules that must be followed when entering into a new home, because it affects…

Apartment And Villa
How To Replace The Cuff On The Washing Machine

How to replace the cuff on the washing machine

Even with the most careful operation washing machine sooner or later may fail. Defects of a part will be all the same. Careful use of and compliance with the rules of use will prolong her life, but do not make her immortal. For example, the cuff may require replacement very quickly.


Apartment And Villa
How To Grow Exotic Fruits

How to grow exotic fruits

Despite the fact that the exotic fruits you can buy at the supermarket, at any time of year, quite simply grow their own. You do not even need to buy seeds or seedlings write a hot south. Enough to put a bone eaten fruit.

You will need:

- stone fruit; - Toothpicks; - A glass of water.…

Apartment And Villa
How To Build A Fence Post For

How to build a fence post for

Fence - an important element of the fence. During construction, it is necessary to determine what he will support. On this depends the reliability and longevity. Poles may be wood, metal or concrete. After making your selection, start to work.

You will need:

- pillars; - Cord; - Pegs; - Saw; - Drill; - Gravel;…

Apartment And Villa
How To Build An Ironing Board

How to build an ironing board

To you no longer have to look for a place in your home for the ironing board, it should be easy to incorporate into the cabinet. This method is suitable for the storage of this useful in the subject sector.

You will need:

- pencil; - Roulette; - Film; - angle grinder; - Wooden frame; -…

Apartment And Villa
How To Remove Limescale In Iron

How to remove limescale in iron

Various household appliances is not always greatly simplifies our lives. There are times when devices are broken or clogged, causing the diligent owners spend money on maintenance and cleaning. One of the most common household problems - clearing iron from scale, which was formed as a result of flooding into the water from the tap.…

Apartment And Villa
How To Paint Profile

How to paint profile

Time is running. Together with it the tastes of people change their preferences. Naturally, many people have a desire to update the situation apartment interior. A change in the interior design often associated with the color scheme of window frames. Is it possible to paint a different color plastic window? It turns out, yes. While painting the…

Apartment And Villa
How To Repair An Office Chair

How to repair an office chair

Most office chairs breakage occurs due to overload or wear during use plastic parts for a long service life. If an inexpensive chair, most likely parts are made of materials of low quality, and it will last without repair for long. When a failure occurs, do not rush to purchase new furniture - the details…

Apartment And Villa
How To Embed Door Coupe

How to embed door coupe

The main advantage of sliding doors coupe - their compactness. They are ideal for small apartments, with not a very good plan. And not only for them. Quite often, these doors are installed in large apartments as a design element. Install the door coupe can be yourself.

You will need:

- roulette; - Hacksaw; - File; -…

Apartment And Villa
As Dry Wood

As dry wood

Houses in the private sector are often heated by a wood. Care about their harvesting is necessary in advance. One important question is: where and how to do it. storage method is associated with the drying process of the wood. Only dry material for heating will give maximum energy during use.

You will need:

- firewood; - Bricks; -…

Apartment And Villa
How To Disassemble The Toilet Tank

How to disassemble the toilet tank

Sometimes toilet gives us trouble. Problems can be large, requiring a call plumbing and small, when you can do to cope with them, saving the family budget. In order to determine the cause of the problem, sometimes you just need to disassemble the tank of the toilet.

Instruction how to disassemble the toilet tank

Step 1:…

Apartment And Villa
How To Bring Electricity To The House

How to bring electricity to the house

To connect the house to the electric line, you need to collect a number of permits and documents. Also required to buy all the equipment and hire experts to have done everything in accordance with the rules and regulations. Remember, independent activation could face fines.

You will need:

--pravoustanavlivayuschie passport documents to your home or…

Apartment And Villa
How To Destroy Wasp Nests

How to destroy wasp nests

Very often the wasps build nests in the neighborhood with people and it brings a lot of anxiety - from a very painful bites to the spread of infections, especially intestinal. To get rid of these dangerous insects on your site, you need to destroy their nests.

Instruction how to destroy wasp nests

Step 1:

Before removing…

Apartment And Villa
How To Make A Track In The Garden

How to make a track in the garden

tracks network linking the individual areas of the garden, it is functional and decorative element. In the design of the network should take into account the style in which decorated the garden, and the appointment of the tracks.

You will need:

- sand; - Material for paving; - Roofing; - Drainage.

Instruction how to…

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