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How To Choose A Wall Heating System

How to choose a wall heating system

In recent years, a growing number of people in the country are moving from apartments to live in individual homes. One of the major issues that must be solved in the construction of the house, is the question of heating. The most economical considered gas or diesel boilers, but to choose a system of…

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Formoplast: How To Make Their Own Hands

Formoplast: how to make their own hands

Formoplast is a plasticized PVC-mass, which consists of the plasticizer, PVC resin and calcium stearate. In appearance formoplast - jelly mass is brown or dark yellow color in the form of small pieces or blocks. Formoplasta made from various types of industrial shapes that can withstand high temperatures, as well as wetting. Subsequently, from…

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Kitchen Furniture. Upgrade Tips

Kitchen furniture. Upgrade Tips

What if on expensive furniture is not enough money and upgrade your kitchen interior like? We offer several ways to upgrade the kitchen with a minimum of money and labor costs.

Age cuisine in the first issue of its facade, so start updating it with him. Today the trade network sold a large number of self-adhesive films…

Apartment And Villa
How To Alter The Oven In Fireplace

How to alter the oven in fireplace

To rework oven fireplace is necessary to make a series of conversions: tear down the firebox of the furnace, put a fireplace. This is a very time-consuming process and without certain skills are not enough. Therefore, before proceeding to disassemble the oven, carefully think through all the details of the future fireplace.

You will…

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How To Style Glass Blocks

How to style glass blocks

Glass blocks are used for the devices and transparent partitions to fill openings in the exterior walls. They can not function as a load-bearing walls, as not capable of withstanding heavy loads. You can use them as a decorative element in bathrooms.

You will need:

- glass blocks; - Skeleton frame; - Reinforcing bars; - Master OK;…

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When To Plant Potatoes

When to plant potatoes

Potatoes in our country is quite popular culture. Many gardeners are currently engaged in its cultivation. Properly planted and grow potatoes any person.

To put this culture should be at the moment when the soil temperature at a depth of 10 cm will be greater than 8 degrees Celsius. If by this time the soil is completely…

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How To Build A Well Svomi Hands

How to build a well svomi hands

If your summer cottage there is no central water supply, it is possible to drill a well. Some of the causes for professionals and pay a lot of money, while others are building it with their hands, especially since it does not require any special skills.

Before you start to drill a well on…

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How To Plant A Fruit Tree

How to plant a fruit tree

The abundance of fruits in the shops, even in the winter can not take away the special taste appeal, which has fruit plucked in her garden, grown with their own hands. However, in order to please you trees rich harvest, it is necessary to remember that the first should be properly planted a fruit tree.…

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How To Contact Welding

How to contact welding

One of the most common types of welding - resistance welding, the junction at which the welded parts are first heated to a plastic state, and then joined together to form a new part. How to make a weld?

Instruction how to make contact welding

Step 1:

Depending on the details of the type, select the appropriate type…

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How To Install A Membrane Tank

How to install a membrane tank

Membrane tank is installed in order to avoid increasing the pressure in the heating system, which occurs during heating due to expansion of the coolant. The appearance of a membrane tank allowed to do the installation of the heating system without contact with the atmosphere, long-term operation due to the absence of friction between the…

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How To Organize The Move

How to organize the move

The theme is familiar to almost everyone moving. Vanity, unpredictability, lack of consistency made from moving from apartment to apartment huge problem. A positive attitude and meticulous planning of the entire process to help resolve this issue with minimal losses. Clearly arrange relocation is not easy, but quite feasible. This can be done by yourself or…

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How Do Waterproofing

How do waterproofing

An important point in the construction of various types of objects, a basement waterproofing. Without her device, the foundation and walls of your home will undergo premature failure. Various types of waterproofing to protect the underground part of the building. You can avoid a lot of problems if timely and accurately, observing the process technology to perform work…

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How To Make Plasma Welding

How to make plasma welding

Machines plasma welding is most often used for cutting various metals. But such a device can be performed and welding as necessary. Moreover, plasma welding is particularly useful when connecting the thin metal sheets. performing plasma welding technology is different from other types of welding.

You will need:

- Plasma welding machine; - Electrodes; - Filler wire.…

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How To Get Rid Of Spiders In The Apartment

How to get rid of spiders in the apartment

Spiders in the house, according to popular belief, brings the owners good luck, prosperity and good news. And yet, with the invasion of spiders in the house we have to fight in different ways, especially since these insects reproduce rather quickly and can deliver a great deal of discomfort, both adults and…

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How To Find A Jack Of All Trades

How to find a jack of all trades

Master of all trades is a great value. Cheaper to find a specialist a wide range of household chores than to keep more workers. Therefore, they are in demand. In another way, they are called domestic helpers.

You will need:

- newspaper; - TV; - a computer; - Friends, relatives, friends; - Agency.


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How To Use Wall Decals

How to use wall decals

If the interior of the usual bored and unable or unwilling to arrange repairs there, you can use a special decorative wall decals. This is a simple and inexpensive way to decorate your home.

Instruction how to use wall decals

Step 1:

Select appropriate to your wall decals. There is a huge variety of these decorations for…

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How To Mount Socket

How to mount socket

Good wiring in a home or apartment - is one of the most important components of well-being and comfort. However, sometimes it becomes necessary to replace the outlet with his hands. To properly install the outlet, should be aware of and adhere to certain rules. Sockets are of two types: overhead and embedded in the wall. Overhead…

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How To Find The Stove-Fitter

How to find the stove-fitter

Once in the house there is a fireplace or stove, unwittingly raises the question of choosing a stove-maker. Choosing a really good master, you need to take into account some of the subtleties, as a result of an error can be a fire with the most serious consequences.

Instruction how to find the stove-fitter

Step 1:


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How To Paint The Door In Two Colors

How to paint the door in two colors

Paint the wooden door - is simple enough. This guide will help paint a paneled door in two colors. The key to success are the right tools and materials - brush and paint must be of high quality.

You will need:

Acrylic paints, brushes, acrylic primer, sandpaper, masking tape, roll, white lacquer.

Instruction how…

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How To Decorate The Slopes Of The Door

How to decorate the slopes of the door

Once the new doors are installed you need to decorate the slopes. And, of course, you are wondering how to do it? In fact, it is not difficult and there are several ways of finishing: Finishing panels, plastering and finishing drywall.

Instruction how to decorate the slopes of the door

Step 1:

If you…

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