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Some simple tricks to make a small room visually larger

Using light wallpaper - this is known, but not the only one reception to make a small room visually more ...

Some simple tricks to make a small room visually larger

Besides the fact that the wallpaper or paint for the walls should be light, it is necessary to abandon the large paintings on the walls (wallpaper with a large pattern), and these patterns are not to be contrasting. Furniture must also be lighter. Keep in mind that cold tone is better to increase the total space.

In addition to the above-described receiving designers recommend choosing a color for the ceiling and walls like that there is no sharp transition from the walls to the ceiling. Thus the ceiling seem higher.

Of course, the room seem more spacious, if the mirrors used in its decor. And no matter whether on the wall hangs a large mirror or mirrored parts are used in the decoration of furniture. Also for the same purpose is highly recommended to use a glass - glass furniture, doors, partitions do not limit the view and, consequently, the room seems to be filled with light and air.

By the way, the choice of furniture for small rooms should be especially careful - it should be not only visually light, suitable for color (visually not burden the space of a particular room), but also very functional, because in a small space, it is impossible to place a lot of things that are needed for a comfortable life . Placement of furniture also plays a very important role because any failure to divide the small room, as well as too much furniture will make her look like a clogged things pantry.

Place some bright object in the far corner of the room. Unusual vase, pictures, beautiful flower will attract the attention of members, creating a feeling of more space in the room.