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The case of a realtor practices

It is believed that the main thing in the work of a realtor - is to present information to the client so that he believed, that is, in the first place credibility and believability. And Pavel thought so too, until faced with an apartment on the Sumy.

The case of a realtor practices

A typical "kopeck piece" in the old brick house did not seem particularly attractive option, because wanting was not much to it. However, as they say, for every product always find a buyer.

One day in the office real estate brokerage agency, where Pavel worked, the phone rang. The woman had a desire to see the unsold apartments. Pavel stocked with eloquence and enthusiasm went to the site. However, at the appointed time a potential buyer, or rather women customers, it was not. He was worried, when suddenly out of the corner was a woman, or rather a girl.

- You are in the fiftieth? - Said the realtor. The girl hesitated a bit, agreed.

And then came the hour of Pavel Nikolayevich. Having collected all the arguments together, and he described the beauty of the neighborhood, and the pros living in the inner city, touched convenient location of the house is almost next to the stop. It does not remain without attention and the interior of the room. So, sometimes departed from the walls of the wallpaper should have prompted a new owner for the speedy repair on your own taste.

It is difficult to say how many minutes it lasted this long and how Pavel would say more, when suddenly she burst out laughing and said: "What is wonderful in our apartment. You probably should not be in a hurry to sell it. "

As it turns out, is the daughter of the hostess. It works in the same area and sometimes the visitor to the apartment. It happened this time. As a result, an experienced realtor barely managed to convince the owners not to raise the price for such a "wonderful apartment".

A few days later realtor agency still sold "kopeck piece" with the adventure as it was christened. And everyone was happy, and that's important to a realtor. And Pavel learned a lesson from what happened: before you paint the dignity of the object, it is necessary to clarify exactly whether the client has come to the meeting, and then you never know that. It is important not only credibility, but also cautious.