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The legacy of the old European - style half-timbered house

Half-timbered houses - the so-called building structure with a rigid frame made of wooden beams. Feature of such buildings is that the function of the carrier frame. This provides reliability and structural strength. In Europe, home to the "half-timbered" style built is not the first hundred years.

The legacy of the old European - style half-timbered house

The name comes from the German half-timbered words fachwerk - farm. For the style of "fachwerk" originated in Germany. Most of the half-timbered houses are there. In Germany, there are special tours of the "half-timbered" streets.

The buildings have a special appearance due to beams made from pine wood. Beams, straight or oblique, arranged so that they can be seen from outside the building. The walls in these houses are made of brick, wood or mud-brick material.

Modern house, built in the "half-timbered" technology - a combination of natural materials (wood and stone) with high-tech modern building materials. The exterior walls sheathed waterproof plywood, veneered with brick, stone and clapboard. But in any case, carcass half-timbered house is to be seen. When painting the exterior walls of the frame remains unchanged.

Sometimes, instead of the wooden beams metal profiles are used, and the internal space is filled with glass. Very true look at home, stylized antique. For example, the exterior facade of modern half-timbered houses, decorated with wood, looks like an old.

photo half-timbered house

The system of beams in half-timbered house is impossible to hide, and no reason. Wooden beams - a real godsend for designers. After all, they can fret or be integrated in the beam lighting system. The interior in the style of "fachwerk" allows interested zoned space, visually increasing and adding the volume of the room.

To make the construction of the old type, decorative beams subjected to special treatment. In order not to disrupt the style of modern techniques disguise in different niches and recesses.

For the style of stage designers use in the design of the home wood furniture, coarse fabrics and carpets made by hand. The main emphasis in this style - on the frame elements. If the walls are bright, beams are painted in a dark color, and vice versa.

photo half-timbered house

To create a simulation fachwerk in a city apartment, too, used these methods. If the ceiling in the room is high enough, you can do an imitation of the wooden frame parts. Alternative timber beams - decorative elements are made of polyurethane.

Half-timbered house - is the charm of old Europe. Buildings in the style of "half-timbered" and a unique style and originality. Each house hovers special atmosphere of closeness with nature, harmony and beauty.