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To align the walls for painting

The walls of the stand part spaces which are primarily "catch the eye". They occupy a large part of the entire furnish, in comparison with the ceiling and the floor. Walls should create a common interior room. However, before you engage in finish, you need to align them.

To align the walls for painting

Instruction how to align the walls for painting

Step 1:

To start pay attention to the presence of rust or mildew. If you do not perform the processing of a special tool before starting work, then in the future they will appear again and again. Also, clean the surface of the old paint and wallpaper. Then proceed to the pre-alignment of the walls. If the surface of the wall with large cracks, they are sure to seal the. Beforehand enjoy a gasket wiring for outlets, fixtures, etc.

Step 2:

If your wall is covered with plaster of cement mortar, it will be several preparatory steps before painting. To get started, follow the walls of the primer. This is done in order to be able to determine the uneven and rough places. Inspect the wall. Also you will be able to identify the surface deviation from vertical wall. Pay special attention to the corners of the room. If they are not rectangular, then follow their alignment vetonitom. It is a coarse leveling compound. If errors are not available, cover the walls finishing vetonitom.

Step 3:

Then follow the re-priming the walls. Similarly check up on the wall roughness. It is possible that this stage you will need to be repeated several times. It all depends on the quality of the original plaster and all current wall coverings. Once the wall is not uneven or rough, go directly staining the walls.

Step 4:

If you paint the drywall sheets, the preparatory work will take much less time. Be sure to pay attention to the sealing of joints between sheets of drywall. Seal can be a special putty. Follow their sweep. To do this, use an emery paper. Then glue the seams serpinki strips. Promazhte them with white glue. After that, cover the surface with primer.