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We grow avocados at home

Lemons and oranges on a windowsill is no surprise, but the avocado tree - it's exotic, which will reflect not everyone. Maybe you bought the fruit of the avocado in the store and thinking, will not work if you have to grow avocado tree at home? On this question there is an answer: of course, succeed!

We grow avocados at home

You will need:

The stone from the avocado fruit glass or jar of water for germination Several toothpicks deep pot, drainage from the expanded clay and earth - after bone germination

Instruction grow avocados at home

Step 1:

Avocado - water-loving plant, and because of its sprouting seeds, tend to make the open way by immersing it in water by a third. You can use this for a glass of toothpicks, which will keep the bone in water at a sufficient height or use a container with a suitable size of the neck. The second way - landing in the soil for this plant is less preferred, however, is also possible. In this case, you must follow the constant soil moisture.

Sprouting bone avocado

Step 2:

The water should be changed under the bone, to prevent its stagnation, as well as reduce. The time interval before germination may be different. The larger the bone, so it is less. When the process begins - the bone is divided into two halves, forming a crack in the middle. On average, the appearance of germs takes 3 to 6 weeks, possibly at a later and their appearance. It all depends on the climate in your apartment, moisture and germination fetal bones.

The emergence of the germ

Step 3:

After the appearance of the germ, it is better to transplant the plant into a large, deep pot, providing good drainage for him. This is very important, since the roots of the plants are long enough and it will not be comfortable in small pots. The tips of the leaves in such cases often dry due to lack of moisture and plant looks very untidy. For the avocado is also necessary to provide a good watering.

How better to plant an avocado

Step 4:

Small trunk thickness allows to make several plants unusual compositions that look very impressive. If you like these experiments, avocado - it is a plant that is really suitable for you.

Preparation of compositions