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When and how to plant and grow phlox in the garden

Phlox various colors decorate any flower bed. There are species that bloom in spring, summer and autumn. Planted varieties will be replaced, without ceasing to delight with its colors. To plant and grow phlox is not difficult, the main thing to know a few important rules and apply them in action.

When and how to plant and grow phlox in the garden

How to plant phlox spring? Select one of 3 ways: by dividing the bush, cultivation using cuttings, planting seeds for seedlings. Flower seeds are rapidly becoming useless, so to delay the boarding and it is not necessary to buy them better in a specialty store.

How to plant phlox 3 effective ways

Phlox do not like bright sunlight, making the buds dull coloring. In very dark place is not enough light for growth. The best option - to put a flower in partial shade. Before you begin, you need to prepare the soil acidity which should be neutral or slightly salted.

Then dig up the ground to a depth of 30 cm, remove weeds and break the bed. Prepared sow place only after the soil settles. In the late autumn or early winter, place the seeds in the ground, with an interval of 5 cm. Harvested in advance or purchased at the store soil, sprinkle seeds. If you had any snow on top make a small snowdrift.

Dividing the bush is better to engage in early spring or in late August. Dig carefully phlox, remove the excess land. Divide the plant into parts so that they had a kidney growth. Dip the flowers in the prepared root shallow hole and sprinkle the ground.

Propagation by cuttings. Cut off a healthy stem and divide it into parts two nodes. The sections were done under the lower unit and slightly higher than the top. Cuttings are planted in the fertile leaf humus, mixed with sand and watered the soil.

How to grow phlox

To grow luxurious phlox, you must take care of them. Flowers do not like dry soil, especially in need of moisture during the flowering period. Watering they should at the very bush without touching buds. Planted cuttings watered 2-3 times a day for several weeks. To flowers and long blooming beautifully, fueled by a variety of soil fertilizers.

The first stage begins after fertilization convergence snow. At this stage a flower needs nitrogen and water. Fertilizer diluted in the liquid and pour into a mold or poured in a dry form, and then watered with a watering can. Manure or chopped grass - good view of feeding. The second stage begins the formation and the appearance of flower buds. During this period, the plant needs in potassium and phosphorus than in nitrogen.

Feeding begins in the late spring of complex mineral fertilizers. It can be a mixture of mullein with potassium humate or ash. The last step is the maturation of the seed and the preparation for the winter, so phlox need for phosphorus. Feeding is carried out in June, potash fertilizers, and in some cases a urea solution.

Excess nitrogen additives make the plant more susceptible to various infections, such as powdery mildew. This is the most common disease, when the sheets are covered with white spots, and then wither. In this case, the need to prevent a solution of soda ash or a mixture of copper sulphate and soap.

Now that you know when to plant phlox and how to grow them. If you properly care for the flowers, they will bloom long and lush.