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When the clean beet storage

Proper and timely cleaning beet ensures that the vegetables are well kept, and the amount of nutrients in them will be at the maximum mark. Naturally, the time data collection of vegetables depends on the variety of fruit and growing in the region, but still there are several general guidelines.

When the clean beet storage

Beet - root, has been particularly active in the growing period, reduce air temperature, which can be seen in autumn. That is why many growers are trying to start beet collection pull to the last. However, freezing may destroy the crop, because of the root crop is above the ground if frost grab the beets, then in most cases the roots are already unsuitable for storage.

If the autumn is warm enough to keep the fruit on the garden beds for a long time it is not necessary, because the beets can be fibrous. Also in the rainy autumn to postpone the harvest is unnecessary: ​​the roots will become watery and lose their taste properties. And of course, the excess moisture in the soil can lead to the fact that the fruit will simply rot.

If the fall is dry and relatively cool, then in this case it is better in September and October to leave the beets in the ground, in which case it is not only typed nutrients, but in the future it will increase a little shelf life.

From the above we can conclude that the harvest of beet depends on the region, its cultivation, varieties, weather (especially the late summer and early fall), the size of the fruit (if the roots are large, it is possible to proceed with their digging, if small - to leave to grow) . Also talks about the fruit ripeness and appearance of plants, such as yellowing of the lower leaves and wilting, growths on beet - direct signs that it's time to harvest.

How to collect and clean the beet storage

Once you have decided with beet harvesting periods, wait for dry sunny days, gently pull the roots out of the ground, remove from them the dirt, put on a special mat and leave hours to five, to be a little dried up (if possible, the cleaning is best done without podkopki it will protect the beets from mechanical damage). Over time, a sharp knife, cut the tops at a distance of two to three millimeters from the fetus.

Store beets is necessary either in the cellar or basement, where the temperature drops below zero degrees. Ideal storage - in wooden boxes, covered with sand vegetables.