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Why carrot grows bitter

Bitterness in carrots roots negates all efforts gardeners for their harvest. The process irreversible. What you need to know that the carrot was not bitter, but the harvest was in joy and health.

Why carrot grows bitter

Some of the reasons that collects carrots in the bitterness of his roots:

Barren or acidification of the soil. Carrots will give smooth, sweet and juicy roots in the fertile lands rich in humus. Acidic soils deoxidize preferably not in the year of planting, and in advance, at least the fall of last year. Damage root vegetables carrot fly. Carrots should be cultivated in areas well-lit and blown. At the time spent two-single thinning of seedlings and planting next to the onion crop will deter carrot fly attacks. Lack of moisture in the early stages of plant growth. In the initial period of growth "Toddler" We need to be watered, especially relevant in the absence of rain watering. Pozelenёnnye head in roots. Varieties that have "impudence" "look out" of the land necessary for the entire growing period spud or pour the soil. The roots of these old varieties as the Moscow Winter A-515, Shantanu completely submerged in the soil and their heads are not green. Sowing seeds of poor quality. It happens that the market get together with the variety and wild seeds. Sometimes the manufacturer will save, and instead of hybrid seeds F1 uses the second generation of F2. soil salinity due to mineral fertilizers. Carrots are fed as needed several times per season. Thus, the introduction of phosphorus-potassium fertilization in late summer will be appropriate. Phosphorus provides delicate structure, and potassium - sugar.

Digging Delayed harvest of root crops can also have a negative impact on quality. If you overdo ripe carrots in the ground, you can go backward processes. Carrots are again beginning to take root in the soil and scored sugar "fleeing".

It is not necessary for a long time to dry the roots after digging in the sun. Harvest after cleaning and drying immediately lowered to the basement. Excess sun rays dry out the roots, because the skin is thin carrots.

Not discarded the damaged, diseased tubers during storage in the basement can trigger fungal "sores" and give bitterness.