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Why twisted leaves of peonies

Peony - a plant with gorgeous flowers, which is incredibly popular among gardeners. Grow flowers of data not only for cutting, but also make out of their beds. This is not surprising, because peonies - these are the representatives of the flora, which are both tall stems, and abundant foliage, and big beautiful flowers.

Why twisted leaves of peonies

Peonies - flowers, which do not require special care during growth, but like many other plants, they are ill. The first signs of disease are seen on pions on their leaves: they can change the color, shape, covered with spots, dry up, twist. The twisting and drying leaves peonies often comes from a lack of potassium in the soil or damage the roots of plants, such as rodents.

"Rust" - Another reason due to which the data can curl leaves colors. This fungal disease on the leaves appear first pions small yellowish-brown spots, then these spots begin to grow, which leads to shrinkage and curling of leaves, and eventually the death of the plant.

To peonies grow up healthy, you need to properly care for them, observing all the rules. Since most fungal diseases occur due to excessive moisture of the earth, the flowers should be, first, to put each other at such a distance that the soil is well ventilated, and secondly - in time to weed the flower beds, in-tretih- moderately watered and timely feed.

If your garden some plants struck by a fungus, is to protect the peonies from the disease, it is necessary to take preventive measures. For example, the ground around the flowers can be sprayed once a week, or one percent Bordeaux fluid solution of copper oxychloride (six to seven grams per 10 liters of water).

Now in stores you can see many different antifungal drugs: buy a couple of tools and instructions for use. Give a good account of oneself "fundazol". "Topsin-M". "Fitosporin-M", Ground sulfur. In the fight against "rust" and powdery mildew can be sent and copper-homemade soap products.