How To Be More Feminine

How to be more feminine

Femininity implies a set of specific qualities unique to the fairer sex. But not every woman is clear how in fact weave them into your daily way.

Instruction how to be more feminine

Step 1:

Feminine defined, including, and external features. Primarily, this style of dress. Art look real woman in jeans and t-shirt leave more experienced…

Hair Care In Winter

Hair care in winter

In winter, the body is under stress. Snow, cold, wind - all these factors not only threatens colds, but also not the best way affect the skin and hair. However, observing the simple rules, it is possible to maintain a luxurious head of hair, and in the cold.

Instruction hair care in winter

Step 1:

The most important…

Attention To The Chest

Attention to the chest!

Courting the face and hands, many people forget about the neck and décolleté. And in vain, because they give the woman's age. Beauticians recommend to pay great attention to this area, so it is possible to maintain youthfulness of the skin as possible on the long term.

Use a moisturizing cream. At the neckline should be…

How To Make The Right Makeup For Brown Eyes

How to make the right makeup for brown eyes

Women with brown eyes a lot more options for eye makeup than the owners of other eye colors. To emphasize the natural beauty, brown-eyed the fair sex should listen to some advice.

Instruction how to make the right makeup for brown eyes

Step 1:

Owners dark brown eye shadow shades fit all -…

How To Curl Iron

How to curl iron

Girls having straight and long hair, often seek to change their appearance with the help of a wave. To hair fell on the shoulders of beautiful waves, not necessarily to go to a beauty salon or expose them to chemicals. You can make a perm and at home with the help of an iron.

Instruction how to…

How To Care For Hair Seasonally Adjusted

How to care for hair seasonally adjusted

Currently available to women is a huge number of cosmetic products that provide a home hair care, comparable to the salon treatment. However, despite this abundance, not everyone is able to achieve the perfect look and health of your locks. The main reason for this problem lies in the fact that the means of…

How To Improve The Shape Of The Breast After Breast-Feeding

How to improve the shape of the breast after breast-feeding

Most women after the breast-feeding breast loses its shape, sag, and the skin becomes flabby, and her stretch marks appear. Correct this situation in several ways.

Instruction on how to improve the shape of the breast after breast-feeding

Step 1:

The easiest option - to seek help from a plastic surgeon. After…

How To Restore Hair Overheated

How to restore hair overheated

Women love to experiment with hair color and hair style, change dramatically, to fascinate and attract admiring glances men. Perm, frequent use of a hair dryer or ironing, bleaching and hair discoloration - all these factors are able to burn the hair and make them dull, dry, brittle and lifeless. So how do you restore overheated…

How To Pick Up Forms For Nails

How to pick up forms for nails

All women are completely different. They live differently, dream about different things, like different pastries. They are united by one thing - everyone wants to look perfect for the fingertips. And why start the perfect nails? Of course, a properly chosen form.

Instruction how to pick up forms for nails

Step 1:

Critically evaluate the…

How To Apply Concealer

How to apply concealer

One of the most useful inventions in cosmetics is concealer or as it is otherwise called, the concealer. This - the tonal means for masking spots, minor blemishes, wrinkles around the eyes. Concealer can be in the form of powder, pencil, liquid or gel-like consistency, and color - from peach to blue and green, as "meteors" from…

Face Masks Of Honey

Face masks of honey

Honey is not only healthy food, but also a great tool for skin care. Since ancient times, known for its miraculous properties. Honey is able to give the skin a radiant healthy look and make it more elastic.

simple recipe for homemade mask is suitable for maintaining youthful skin and natural beauty. In a water bath slightly…

Pets Mask For Aging

Pets mask for aging

Sooner or later, the skin begins to lose its firmness and elasticity, begin to appear the first signs of aging. This does not mean that you need to quickly run to the beautician and spend money on expensive medications and procedures. After all, there are many effective natural remedies that help cause aging skin in order.


How To Become Similar To The Oriental Beauties

How to become similar to the oriental beauties

The extraordinary beauty of oriental women can not leave anyone indifferent. And, of course, many girls and women are wondering how to become similar to the oriental beauty. Become a captivating absolutely can any of us, regardless of appearance. Blonde Do you, brown or brunette - feasible. Also this magic process of the…

False Eyelashes: How To Stick Them Imperceptibly

False eyelashes: how to stick them imperceptibly

False eyelashes - one of the ways to make your makeup expressive, attracting attention. They can be used on weekdays or in preparation for any solemn event or party, that's why makeup artists almost always use this technique in a festive make-up. For sale is a set of variants of false eyelashes - from…

Sunbathing With Benefit

Sunbathing with benefit!

During sun exposure the skin is exposed to UBV and UBA rays. Simultaneously, the production of melanin, which is why there is a darker shade. In addition to a beautiful even tan, and you can get burned. But the negative impact of the sun on the skin can be reduced by using special means to protect and…

5 Effective Home Acne Masks

5 Effective Home Acne Masks

Many of us have suffered from acne as a teenager, but sometimes have to fight with them, and throughout life. This problem can be effectively controlled in the home. These masks get rid of acne and reduce acne spots.

The mask of sea salt

To prepare this mask should take half a cup of sea salt,…

How To Get Rid Of Blackheads On Nose

How to get rid of blackheads on nose

Awkward age most girls and boys going through very difficult. In addition to the psychological problems caused by the restructuring of the body, they feel ugly because of acne and pimples on the face. In girls, there are problems in communication with the boys, because they laugh at their appearance. The boys behave…

When You Need To Remove Moles

When you need to remove moles

Before you decide to remove the mole or not, you must determine the cause of its occurrence and to identify a variety of tumors. Only in the case of a serious suspicion of oncology birthmarks they are subjected to mandatory removal.

Of course, if a mole (or nevus pigmentosa) does not increase in size, it…

How To Preserve The Beauty Of A Woman'S Skin

How to preserve the beauty of a woman's skin

A healthy, clean and fresh skin - the main condition for female beauty. In order to achieve its ideal state, many women leave a significant portion of the family budget in beauty salons and cosmetics stores. However, to preserve the beauty of a woman's skin as possible and without significant costs, adhering…

How To Get Out Of A Black Hair Color

How to get out of a black hair color

Repaint dark hair a different color is problematic. It is not always possible to get the desired result on the first try. Especially do not look for a great white, it will only achieve a 3-4 staining. The red shades are much simpler, but there are some nuances. Before you radically change…

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