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As stabbing nose

Piercing is one of the most popular among young people ways of body adornment. Conventional ear piercing is not enough - the piercer exposed to almost all areas of the body. One of the favorite girls is piercing the nose.

As stabbing nose

You will need:

- surgical gloves; - Wool; - Needle dropper; - 100 ml of alcohol; - Antiseptic.

Instruction how to prick your nose

Step 1:

There are several different options for puncture nose. One of the most popular is a puncture septum separating the nostrils from each other. The second most popular - puncture of the right or left nostril. Such piercing, firstly, more aesthetic, secondly, its maintenance easier. Finally, the last option - the nose piercing. It is worth noting that it is quite dangerous and painful procedure, so it is less common. Choose your desired option nose piercing.

Step 2:

Prepare the dressing, which you will use. To pick up a variety of partition rings, puncture the nostrils are bars, one end of which is an eye-catching accessory, or common nails.

Step 3:

Prepare the materials that will be required for the implementation of a puncture. Buy surgical gloves, cotton, alcohol and needle dropper. Its diameter is chosen based on what size you have chosen decoration. The most important thing - all used tools and materials should be disinfected! Conditions in which a puncture is performed, and must be sterile. Means for anesthesia should be avoided, since the home is unsafe. Simply wait.

Step 4:

Place the dressing in a container of alcohol. Disinfect needle. Put on gloves and insert a cotton swab soaked in alcohol, and neck, carefully handle it. After that, remove the nostril and strong sharp puncture movement is carried out. Samu pull the needle and leave cannula in the nostril. Then insert the decoration in the tube and pull it out. Then again, carefully treat the punctured place alcohol.

Step 5:

After the puncture can not be for some time to move the piercing jewelry and replacement. You must wait until the wound heals. Antiseptic care need, for example, chlorhexidine or miramistina solution. Twice each day, treat the piercing. Within one month the wound healed and formed channel.