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As the need to visit a solarium

Excessive tanning can be harmful - lead to tumor growth, increased pigmentation and loss of skin elasticity. To avoid such problems, and be beautiful all year round and tanned, should adhere to certain rules when visiting the solarium.

As the need to visit a solarium

Instruction how to use the solarium

Step 1:

First of all, consult your doctor. There are many situations where a tan is contraindicated. For example, diabetes, thyroid disease, tuberculosis, or hypertension. You can not visit a solarium in exacerbations of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, high temperature, if you are taking antidepressants, antibiotics, tranquilizers. Some medications increase the skin's sensitivity to light. Visit oncologist if there is a bulging or growing moles on your body.

Step 2:

Choose a solarium on the recommendations. Try to find out how long it changed the bulb. If the new lamp, session time must be reduced.

Step 3:

Do not take a shower with soap and water, do not use scrub and peel before going to the solarium as well as the skin, deprived of the protective layer is more susceptible to burns. Do not use perfume and makeup before a session, it can lead to skin irritation.

Step 4:

Use special suntan in the solarium. Conventional sunscreen does not fit. Consult with a specialist salon and get a sampler of a cream suitable for your skin type. If the effect you like, you can buy a jar of money elsewhere, at a lower price. Such special creams protect the skin, helps to perceive ultraviolet light, and to recover from the procedure.

Step 5:

In the solarium always use sunglasses to protect your eyes with lenses, do not skip ultraviolet. Do not forget to remove contact lenses prior to the procedure. Protect hair hat or scarf. Protection requires both breasts - use or disposable bra pads on the halos. Spread the mouth hygienic lipstick with sunscreen. If you have a tattoo on the body, it is better to cover up. Remove all jewelry and jewelry.

Step 6:

Choose from the help of a consultant knowledgeable tanning mode depending on the skin type, its condition and the tanning power of the radiation. Tanning vertical tanning bed should last no more than 5 minutes, the optimal schedule of visits - 6-8 sessions at intervals of a couple of days. In the horizontal tanning bed you can sunbathe up to 10 minutes per session. This is the standard recommendation for people with time and number of sessions can be increased dark skin and red-haired and fair-skinned - reduced.

Step 7:

After the procedure, take a shower, moisturize skin lotion and drink a vitamin drink.