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False eyelashes: how to stick them imperceptibly

False eyelashes - one of the ways to make your makeup expressive, attracting attention. They can be used on weekdays or in preparation for any solemn event or party, that's why makeup artists almost always use this technique in a festive make-up. For sale is a set of variants of false eyelashes - from imitation to the natural carnival with sequins and feathers.

False eyelashes: how to stick them imperceptibly

You will need:

- false eyelashes.

Instruction false eyelashes: how to stick them imperceptibly

Step 1:

Prepare glue for eyelashes, tweezers and a wooden stick. You can apply the glue that comes in a set of lashes (usually white), or you can purchase a special black adhesive, which is used by professionals. For heavy eyelashes suit waterproof glue. If purchased eyelashes seem too long, trim the them with small scissors.

Step 2:

At gluing individual cilia or their bundles, use tweezers to take the cilium tip and lower it into the adhesive. If you are working with solid lashes, gently apply the paste with a wooden stick (or thin brush) on the base strip lashes. Before you use it, squeeze out a little bit and wait until the glue dries slightly.

Step 3:

The next step - self sticking. Eye, which will draw up, cover. Some cilia push the growth line of your own lashes, usually just a few pieces closer to the outer corners of the eyes. Solid strips also need glue close to the natural line of growth, starting from the outer corner of the eye to the inside. Once attached strip, do not remove your fingers at once, press down lightly glued decoration and wait a few seconds. To postpone until the adhesive sets, take the time to apply mascara.

Step 4:

Make sure that the lashes on both eyes symmetrically, compare the angle of inclination. It is essential that they are carefully glued, so do everything carefully. If you do not like the result, use a professional tool to remove eye make-up, false eyelashes easily peel. But do not try to pull them off, so can suffer your own hair. Remember that false eyelashes can be used several times.

Step 5:

Use make-up: the shadows, a pencil liner to completely hide your little trick. Apply mascara on the lashes, and your image is ready.