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Hair care in winter

In winter, the body is under stress. Snow, cold, wind - all these factors not only threatens colds, but also not the best way affect the skin and hair. However, observing the simple rules, it is possible to maintain a luxurious head of hair, and in the cold.

Hair care in winter

Instruction hair care in winter

Step 1:

The most important thing - wear a hat. Even if you think that the street is not too cold. Because of the cold scalp blood vessels to constrict, and to the hair enters a much smaller amount of vitamins and nutrients than warm. If you do not like the cap, then fling least scarf or stole. It is best to headdress was made of natural materials that allow the scalp to breathe.

Step 2:

Wash your hair every other day, or a little less - depending on your hair type. Use a mild shampoo, and not necessarily the one who usually use. Winter hair needs change frequently. It is best to use special shampoos for winter maintenance. The water should be hot, warm and barely not to overdry the hair and scalp.

Step 3:

Try to give up the hair dryer, curling iron, ironing, hair curlers. Otherwise, you are strongly desiccate the hair, they become weak and brittle. If the hair is still needed to create hairstyles, use cool air mode. Trim split ends every 6-8 weeks. Do not experiment with a perm, new colors for hair. It is better to wait until spring.

Step 4:

Before washing for a few minutes to lubricate the hair with oil - this procedure is excellent nourishes the hair. Do not forget balms, conditioners and hair masks. Last you can buy in a store or a drugstore, and you can prepare yourself. the simplest and most effective - fermented milk, you can use any dairy product lying around in the fridge for her. Apply it on your hair for half an hour before bath. good as egg mask, rinse chamomile broth.

Step 5:

Temperature fluctuations in the street and indoors, headpiece strongly electrified hair. Use antistatic hair. That hair does not suffer from dry air in the room, get a home humidifier or at least put a bowl of water near the battery. Do not forget to replenish moisture balance from the inside. Drink at least 2 liters of water a day.