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How can braid long hair

Long hair, you can braid in braids, they will give the appearance of a special charm, emphasize the beauty and femininity. Hairstyle of the braid is appropriate to the festivities, at work and at home.

How can braid long hair

Instruction how to braid long hair

Step 1:

French kosaVydelite three strands and start to weave a normal braid. Each subsequent intertwining strands to the extreme need to add hair to the right and the left. Begin braiding can be from the top or from the temples.

Step 2:

Spit in koseSoberite hair at the nape of the total weight highlight a small portion, braid it into a scythe. The remaining part should also braid. You should have two braids - small and large. Obveyte thick around fine, fix her hair pins.

Step 3:

Spit out zhgutovSoberite hair in a ponytail, divide them into three parts. Right strand twist harness counterclockwise and secure. The central part of the twist in the same way, then twist left. Apply clockwise left strand to the other two. Part of the hair, which is now turned to the left, put the remaining strands. This technique braid braid to the end.

Step 4:

Petals of kosVydelite piece of hair from the left side, remove the rest of the tail. From free weave a French braid, collecting in her hair just right. Now select the strand on the right side and braid them as well, but taking in a braid the hair on the left. Thus alternate side is free there will be only the central part of the hair. Braid loose curls into a French braid, weaving in her hair on both sides. As a result, at the back you have to be formed small pigtails, they should combine and decorate the bow or barrette.

Step 5:

DrakonchikZacheshite hair forward, begin to weave from the nape to the crown of French braid. On top of the usual start to weave the braid and secure it with a rubber band and a discreet tuck under the French.

Step 6:

KoronaRascheshite hair and evenly distribute them around. Begin to weave a French braid to the back of the head, grab the hair on one side only, whipping around.