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How can I see black spots on the nose

Black spots on the nose, or comedones - not that other, as enlarged pores, that congregate sebaceous glands, dirt and dead skin cells. If you have oily or combination skin, it is necessary to provide for proper care.

How can I see black spots on the nose

You will need:

- herbal infusion; - Tonic; - Napkins; - Soap; - Towel; - Yogurt; - Clearing strips.

Instruction how to get black spots on the nose

Step 1:

Remove the black point from the nose and can mechanically. To make the cleaning of the face, make an appointment with a beautician or get rid of blackheads at home. For the second option pour boiling water over shredded dried herbs to choose from: St. John's Wort, Horsetail, oak bark, chamomile flowers and lime tree, etc. For infusion, use an equal number of components or, if you have only one of them, based on the rate of 2 tablespoons 200 ml of water.

Step 2:

While the herb infused, wipe the face with a cleansing tonic. For ever put a fat cream on the lip - balm. Wear a cotton shirt with a wide neckline, gather hair into a ponytail or hide under the bandage. Hold face over the steam for 15 minutes, having covered his head with a towel. Then pat the skin clean with a cotton pad, wash your hands with soap and water. Wrap your fingers and wipes remove black dots one by one, pushing on both sides. After the procedure, wash with warm, then cool water or wipe the skin with ice.

Step 3:

To get rid of blackheads on your nose to help cleaning strips, which can be purchased at the pharmacy. Before their use, wipe the face tonic or lotion. Stick the strip on the nose and hold for as long as it is written on the packaging. During this time, the strip will stick to the contents of enlarged pores. At the end you just have to remove the strip by pulling the edge. After the procedure, wash with cool water and apply a soothing cream on the skin.

Step 4:

1-2 times a week, lubricate the usual kefir nose. This method is suitable for eliminating black spots from all T-zone. Kefir Keep the mask on your face for no longer than 5 minutes, then rinse with alternating warm and cool water. Under the influence of special acids contained in yogurt, excess sebum dissolves.