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How do curls utjuzhkom

Among the many modern women owners of a universal tool - hair straightener. Popularly referred to simply as "hair iron." With it, you can not just quickly make a smooth hair, add volume at the roots, but also curl cute curls or ringlets luxury.

How do curls utjuzhkom

You will need:

-hair straightener; -termozaschitnoe remedy for hair; -rascheska with a long handle; -hair spray; -zakolki.

Instruction how to make curls utjuzhkom

Step 1:

For curling take "hair iron" with plates the size of 2-4 centimeters. If they are a little bit wider, then you are unlikely to neat and tight curl. It is better to choose a plate with rounded edges to avoid unsightly "creases".

Step 2:

Connect the rectifier to the network and allow it to warm up well. The thicker the hair, the temperature should be greater. If you have thin hair, then make a minimum heating.

Step 3:

Rectifiers fit only dry hair. If you have washed your head just, first dry them hairdryer or wait until the strands themselves completely dry.

Step 4:

On thermofilter hair, apply the wax, mousse, gel or spray. The consistency and the shape can be any means. Stay at the convenient and familiar options for you. The main thing is that the product is protected from the heat curls.

Step 5:

Carefully comb hair. To do this, use a comb, comb with a long handle. Using it is convenient to divide hair into individual strands. Take a little "crab" or clip-clip. Hair gently lift up and secure. The procedure is performed, starting with the back of the head and gradually moving to the sides and bangs.

Step 6:

On the back of the head one strand separate and comb it. place "utyuzhok" At a distance of 1-2 cm from the root. Strand wrap around the bottom of the rectifier. Be careful not to burn your fingers. Snap the tool and hold a few seconds.

Step 7:

Slightly open "utyuzhok" and slowly lower it down, holding obliquely and constantly rotating, so curl unwound. Do it slowly, giving the curl is well entrenched. But do not delay too much, so as not to burn the hair. In addition, the curls because this may turn ugly and formless.

Step 8:

Gradually separate the thin strand and screw them to the "hair iron." Follow directions from the occiput to the forehead. If your hair is bad retain their shape, each lock after unwinding sprinkled with lacquer. When finished hair, the fingers rub a little bit of wax and spend on hair, gently lifting the curls up.