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How do I set myself to eat less

Many people want to limit the amount of food consumed, that's just not all get to realize their intentions. And this is connected with weak willpower. It's so nice to "seize" any stress or troubles in life. It's simple, fast and affordable for almost everyone. That's just the first minute after the euphoria comes deep remorse.

How do I set myself to eat less

You will need:

- a diary; - Photo very slim or very obese person.

Instruction how to set yourself to eat less

Step 1:

Choose your main goal. For example, you want to eat less to lose weight for the summer or to wear your favorite jeans. You must want it with every fiber of the soul.

Step 2:

Get yourself a diary in which you celebrate all your achievements and failures. In his early large letters list the its primary aim. Then write whatever you give dietary restrictions. For example, you can wear short skirts again, you will be the envy of your friends more complete, you will become attractive again for her husband and others. The more pros you will find, the easier it will refuse food. Daily (you can chat in the morning) to read the entire list. This will help make your willpower reliable.

Step 3:

Hang on the fridge photo. It can be a picture of a slim person, or, conversely, very fat. And in fact, in both cases, in the refrigerator you look less.

Step 4:

Write down in a diary all your small and big victories. For example, you dropped another kilogram or able to put on an old skirt. This will inspire you to achieve the following. On the back of the notebook write all their failures. For example, you could not refuse to eat cake or an extra piece of candy.

Step 5:

In the same notebook, create a list of what you will enjoy. For example, buying a new blouse, rest in night clubs, a massage or a trip to the resort. Once you have a bit of a nuisance and there was a desire to "seize" the problem, open this page and perform one of his desires.

Massage brings joy more than food

Step 6:

Create another list of more small pleasures. And as soon as you want to eat very much, performs one of his desires. For example, instead of excess cream can soak in a fragrant bath, sit on an interesting forum, watch a movie or to lie on the couch with a book.

Step 7:

Exercise. After exercise the body simply will not let you eat fatty steak, drenched with mayonnaise.

Sport helps to eat less

Step 8:

A few weeks eat frequently (eg, every two hours), but in small portions (about cup by volume). This will reduce the volume in the stomach and you will eat less food at a time. In addition, during this limit you will not have too much hunger.