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How do the bath with potassium permanganate

Manganese bath is most often used in pediatric practice at diathesis, neurodermatitis and other skin diseases associated with pustular rash and itchy. However, the antiseptic action of potassium permanganate is used in adults - for general and local baths, lotions and washes, as well as first aid.

How do the bath with potassium permanganate

Instruction how to make the bath with potassium permanganate

Step 1:

Before you take a bath with potassium permanganate, prepare its solution in advance, because contact with undissolved crystals of manganese can cause skin burns. Depending on the application, make the required concentration of potassium permanganate solution.

Step 2:

To prepare the solution of manganese bath in warm water, add a few grains of the drug and mix thoroughly. Bring it up to the saturated colors - the color of red wine. Wait until completely dissolved potassium permanganate or in the form of undissolved particles settle to the bottom. And only then slowly add it to the bath so that the water acquired a uniform pale pink color.

Step 3:

Bath with such a concentration of potassium permanganate has astringent, a drying and disinfecting action. And used for the treatment of skin diseases associated with purulent sores and in the treatment of burns. It inhibits the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria and forms a protective film on the skin.

Step 4:

Take a bath with potassium permanganate in a day not more than 15 minutes (5-8 minutes for children). manganese bath course of treatment is up to 10 times. After a bath, take a shower (if the bath is held the child, rinse it 2-3 liters of water).

Step 5:

Tarantula bites, Black Widow, and other poisonous insects make a lotion or local bath with a concentrated solution of potassium permanganate. Dissolve it in the same sequence as above but add the bath solution in a larger amount to get a more saturated color of the water. Also, be careful not to damage the skin of undissolved crystals.

Step 6:

For gastric lavage for poisoning, for syringing in urological problems and hemorrhoids using light pink solution of potassium permanganate, also diluted in advance and then added to the water for washing. For lotions for ulcers and burns, use a saturated solution of potassium permanganate and to cauterize the wound - concentrated.