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How fashionable to braid pigtails

Pigtails - a hairstyle that is always in fashion. It helps you to unfold from different sides, giving the image a little expression of romance, or vice versa. Fashion braids are versatile and suited to any type of appearance.

How fashionable to braid pigtails

You will need:

- comb; - Small gum hair or thread; - Man-made fiber, kanekalon; - Decorations.

Instruction how to braid pigtails fashion

Step 1:

Carefully comb hair. They should be slightly wet or dry, and absolutely smooth and obedient to hair held more than one day. If you have trouble using spray conditioner or a special, facilitating the process of oil.

Step 2:

Divide the head into several parts surface-squares so that they were similar in magnitude. In total, you should have no more than 6 sections. The allocation of sectors on the head, be extremely accurate because If you make a mistake, have to braid all over again.

Step 3:

Recite neatly braided pigtails. Do not pull your hair when weaving, because by gentle scalp irritation can go and do braids turn out uneven.

Step 4:

In the process, they are woven into the strands of artificial material, which must be greater than the length of your hair. Do not forget to use the decorations, because they define the basic hairstyle. For it to have a truly fashionable, woven into the most unusual decor elements: colored seashells, threads for knitting of various colors, beads, bright ribbons. Carefully choose decorations, pre-combine them with each other.

Step 5:

At the end of the regular weave braids securely fix its end a small rubber band hair or strong thread. Trim the hairs protruding from the braids, in order to avoid irregularities and to give care. When all braided pigtails, make sure that they are evenly at the same angle. If everything is in order, ready hairstyle.