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How should I apply makeup

The fair sex devote a lot of time preening before the mirror. Makeup for them has become a daily ritual required. Sculpted to automatism steps allow to apply makeup in virtually any environment.

How should I apply makeup

Instruction how to apply makeup

Step 1:

First, thoroughly and carefully clean the face with a tool that is suitable for your skin type. It can be a tonic, milk or plain water.

Step 2:

Protect skin moisturizer or under makeup base. The base coat will make your face smoother.

Step 3:

Pick foundation according to skin tone and apply it. If you have under the eyes outlined black circles, hide them by using the masking pencil. It should be a little lighter than your skin color.

Step 4:

Apply a loose or compact powder using light strokes of a large round brush. So you fix foundation and make the skin matte. Remove excess powder with a clean cloth or a fan-shaped brush.

Step 5:

Take a soft, matte blush gentle shade. So you will avoid strong contrast with the color of your skin. Put them on the protruding part of the cheekbones. Light touch brush tool carefully blend across the surface of the skin of the face and neck.

Step 6:

Today continues to be a topical dramatic smoky makeup. It gives the image of femininity, sexuality and mystery. So get your hands on his performance technique. To do this, buy a soft black, brown or gray pencil. Draw them closer to the eyelashes thick line.

Step 7:

Special sponge, which is located on the other end of the pencil, smudge eyeliner. For this purpose, it is also suitable brush for eye makeup.

Step 8:

All the upper eyelid, apply a pearly shade of smoky shades. Make a smooth transition from dark to light in the eyelashes at the eyebrows. Lower eyelid Shade dark shadows. All lashes carefully paint the black ink.

Step 9:

When applying lipstick or lip gloss, keep in mind that the bright and saturated colors are best left for the evening or holiday. If you have focused on the eyes, the lips paint in natural shade. Neutral pencil lip contour circle, it will not give lipstick spread.