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How to align a bang

A successful haircut is 50% of the successful image of women that needs to be maintained continuously. Often we do not want to go to the hairdresser only in order to align rapidly regrown bang. But it is not necessary, because all you can do the most.

How to align a bang

Instruction how to align bangs

Step 1:

First, decide what you want to have a bang. Maybe leave it unchanged, only slightly trimmed. But you probably want to bring something fresh and original in their way.

Step 2:

Bangs can be long and sloping geometry, short, thick and straight up to the eyebrows. If you can not make a decision yet, use the first option, because it is universal.

Step 3:

Make sure that the fringe is coming to an outline of your face. If not completely sure, then do it straight, reaching to the eyebrows.

Step 4:

Prepare the workplace and the necessary tools: scissors, comb. Scissors must be professional. In no case do not use a nail, and even more great tailor.

Step 5:

Separate from the main fringe of hair and place in such a way as you would like to do it on a daily basis.

Step 6:

Proceed with the haircut, but you should know the basic rules, according to which the need to align the fringe. The main mistake many women - this alignment moist bangs, which absolutely can not do. Once dry, it acquires a slightly different shape, and you may find that a mistake with the length. Also, do not pull the bangs scissors or your fingers.

Step 7:

Keep scissors strictly horizontal position, when to cut a classic straight bangs. On the contrary, if you want to get "ragged" effect, position the tool vertically.

Step 8:

Align yourself fringe is not difficult. You will soon be able to learn how to impart it any form, if you will responsibly and seriously approach the matter.

Step 9:

If you still do not have confidence in their own ability to refer to a professional. But in this case, watch carefully for his actions. You can ask for advice on how to further align the bang itself.