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How to align your nose

According to the developed-known lover of women and a brilliant physicist Lev Landau classification, can be considered only a beautiful woman with a straight nose. Although not everyone will agree with this, but it is hard to argue with the fact that the curved nose rarely graces the face. Often, and ladies with 'aquiline profile "dream of a classic appearance. However, crooked nose or aquiline nose - it is not a sentence, it can be aligned.

How to align your nose

You will need:

- foundation three shades.

Instruction how to align the nose

Step 1:

If you doubt your nose straight or slightly bent, perform a simple test. Pull the right index finger and press it to his lips as if to say "Shh!". The tip of the thumb in this case must rest on the base of the nose. By making a chewing motion and helping himself to the lower jaw, push on the finger nose. As a result, the nose wrinkle and bending if it has, it will be apparent. Please note that to do the opposite - to press your finger on the base of the nose - is wrong.

Step 2:

If you have a slightly twisted nose, hide this shortcoming by surrounding with the help of makeup. You will need a foundation of three colors: basic, which is applied to the entire face, lighter than the (Highlight) and darker than the main (contour). Highlight put on the middle of the nose in a straight line. Contour darken the space on the sides up to the border with Highlight. Good blend of color transitions. To the nose as a whole did not stand out, use the Highlight and contour as in other areas of the face. How to do this can be found, for example, from makeup guru books by Robert Jones.

Step 3:

If you are the owner of the nose aquiline, and suffer because of it, try to develop a new Japanese scientists Nose Lifter. The action of the device is based on the electrical vibrations. Use it recommended for 3-5 minutes on a daily basis, and the result is a beautiful straight nose will not take long. Anyway, so the developers promise.

Step 4:

To correct severe cases of the crooked nose and the nose aquiline, resort to rhinoplasty. If a congenital defect of the nose, then the operation can be carried out not earlier than 18 years of age. It is better to contact the doctor checked, which was operated from someone you know, and got a good result.