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How to apply blush on the square face

Modern life imposes on us a frantic pace - we do not get enough sleep, it is not clear what to eat, a lot of work and little rest. In this mode, you do not have to dream about a person healthy color, and in fact it was he who secured our natural beauty so valued by others. When we look at a beautiful professional make-up, we pay attention to the expressive painted eyes, lips, eyebrows, and rarely pay attention to the cheekbones, which are naturally blush. With their help you can give a person the right shade to simulate the desired shape, even if you have a square face shape.

How to apply blush on the square face

You will need:

mirror, blush, thick brush, hair elastic.

Instruction on how to apply blusher square face

Step 1:

To start, determine whether you really have a square face type. Gather hair into a ponytail. Look in the mirror - if the width of the forehead, cheeks and chin are the same, then your assumption is correct.

Step 2:

Then you need to determine where you are cheekbones. Stand in front of a mirror so that your face light fell, then smile widely - your cheeks considerably widened. Now find the center of the index finger and thumb of the same hand, touch the tip of the ear to the top now swipe your index finger to the thumb and feel for the bone - this is your cheekbone.

Step 3:

In order to uniformly apply blusher take in the right hand a thick brush, dip it in blush and quietly Blow on it, and then determine the center of the cheek and lower the brush slightly below, then lead upstairs to brush his cheek so that the line is turned at an angle. Then blend, so that was not visible clear boundaries. With this simple method a person visually will seem longer.

Step 4:

There is another way. For this brush you draw the line from the base of the ear towards the corners of the mouth directly under the upper cheekbones. You can also apply blush on the corners of the lower jaw and a bit on the forehead, then certainly need shade. Your face will acquire an oval shape.