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How to apply concealer

One of the most useful inventions in cosmetics is concealer or as it is otherwise called, the concealer. This - the tonal means for masking spots, minor blemishes, wrinkles around the eyes. Concealer can be in the form of powder, pencil, liquid or gel-like consistency, and color - from peach to blue and green, as "meteors" from Guerlain. Properly selected and applied concealer is able to work wonders, transforming the skin into the problems in the radiant and young.

How to apply concealer

Instruction how to apply concealer

Step 1:

Brown spots, vesnushkiDlya camouflage these shortcomings are choosing concealers thick as a pencil beige. After applying the base means dot superimposed on the pigmented areas and shaded. Then the skin powder oneself.

Step 2:

Acne, inflammation, pryschikiZdes again useful as a concealer pencil. Tint means - beige or green (greenish shades mute redness), the latter being chosen only if you intend to put on top of foundation. Overlaying means - point, without further rastushevki.Esli equalizer incorporates supplements with healing properties (tea tree oil, sulfur, salicylic alcohol, etc.), then this means not only disguise, but along the way to receive medical treatment or other inflammation of a pimple on the skin .

Step 3:

Redness, vascular grid, visible sosudyZheltovaty tone concealer perfectly mask the visible blood vessels, irritation and redness of the skin. Bluish corrector disguise rosacea and sun burnt skin. It is applied to clean skin with a brush, and then shade. Yellowish concealer can be applied on top of the already tone means. Moreover, the offset must be the same color as the foundation, but on the lighter shade. Location applying concealer powder oneself.

Step 4:

Circles under the eyes. VekiDlya skin around the eyes is selected proofreaders with a light creamy texture without drying the skin. To hide dark circles choosing concealer yellowish, lighter skin tone-on-one. Apply it over a tonal framework, just inside the dark circles, and gently, without stretching the eyelid, spread over the problem zone.Professionaly also advised to pay attention to the concealer lavender, which perfectly hide the bruises. However, it should not be applied on top of the tonal resources, and under it.

Step 5:

Mimic morschinyDlya visual correction of facial wrinkles choose a concealer with a light and soft texture, having in its composition of light-reflecting pigments. Tone corrector same as the shade of foundation, but on the lighter shade. Apply best finger, making sure that the tool is not hammered in wrinkles, and after drawing a walk sponge and secure the powder.