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How to apply eye shadow

Not all women nature to perfect facial features, but the desire to be beautiful laid at the very feminine nature. With the help of make-up expertly made, you can adjust the shape of the face, eyes and lips, emphasize the beautiful features and divert attention from the shortcomings.

How to apply eye shadow

You will need:

- moisturizer - cotton swabs - eyeshadow - brush for applying shadow

Instruction how to apply eye shadow

Step 1:

Before make-up face, of course, need to clean and apply a light moisturizer. Many eye shadows contain talc, withering skin, so before applying their eyelids moisten cream that did not appear early wrinkles.

Step 2:

To make-up was neat, eye shadow should be applied in small portions, blending evenly. If you use the shadow of two colors, you first applied the shade less intense color, and then - more saturated. The boundary between them is carefully shaded. Mute too bright color and remove excess shadow, you can use a little powdered cotton swab.

Step 3:

When using the three-color eye shadow to the inner corner of the eye to apply the lightest color - white, light beige or light pearl. This technique "opens" the eyes and makes the look more expressive. All eyelid superimposed shadows of the base color and the outer corner of the eye - the darkest. The boundaries of shadows shaded transitions. Apply the eye shadow should be light, surface movement of the brush, starting from the inner corner of the eye.

Step 4:

For the application of shadows is better to use brushes, sponges, foam instead. Ideally, for the shadows, you must have three sizes of brushes. To apply shadow on the lash line using the thinnest brush. Brush a medium-sized rounded shape suitable for drawing shadows on the crease. The largest brush is used to apply a pitch shadow on the eyelid. Another brush can be had for shading shadows.

Step 5:

Do not choose the shade to match the eye color. To highlight the eyes, you can use the shadow color, contrasting with the color of the eyes. For example, the brown-eyed girls suit purple, gray and blue shades shadows. Blue eyes look beautiful with shades of copper and brown tones and green - with beige and pink.

Step 6:

Shadows pastel colors - pink, apricot, peach accentuate the natural beauty of young girls and make them the image even more charming.