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How to apply hair gel

The gel is able not only to fix her hair, but also to give it volume, a new form of "wet" effects and other elements of beauty. Apply gel to the hair can be in different ways, depending on the hair density, their length and your mood.

How to apply hair gel

Instruction how to apply hair gel

Step 1:

If you have thin dry hair short length, you're in luck: the hair of this type is very obedient, so with them you can do a lot of different things. Take a small amount of hand gel, rub it between your fingers and vzeroshte hair. Then lift up and blow dry, fixing in this position. Do not apply too much gel, otherwise it will become noticeable, and the hair at the same time will look greasy.

Step 2:

For fine hair of medium length are perfect isolated strands. Rub a little gel in your hands, then massage your hands down. Try to do this so that the gel did not get to the roots of the hair. After giving hair form, take two fingers and smear a single strand of gel over the entire length. Thus, you can allocate as much pryadok as you wish. Do not forget to give her hair dry.

Step 3:

If you have long thin hair, then assemble them into a ponytail. Then take a little bit of gel, apply to individual strands, as described in the preceding paragraph, and wind using curling irons, leaving part of the hair straight. The gel is not heavy with thin hair, like the Skin or mousse, as a result, they will look natural.

Step 4:

If you have thick short hair, you can create the effect of wet hair. To do this, use a strong hold gel, having put it on your hand or a comb and are distributed over the entire length. It is possible to give the hair a particular shape, for example, to raise up. Then highlight tips.

Step 5:

fit styling in "unisex" styles for thick hair of medium length. First apply the wax on the hair, and then a little bit of gel, comb your hair with your fingers from the forehead back and let it dry. This option is best used as an evening, because artificial light will be seen as a shining hair.

Step 6:

If you have long thick hair, it is best to apply the gel only on the basal part, it will give them a magnificent form.