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How to apply rhinestones on your nails

Manicure is the hallmark of women. Therefore, the hands must be well-groomed and beautiful. There are many design options polish, but is growing in popularity gaining their decoration using rhinestones. Make a manicure and you can own.

How to apply rhinestones on your nails

You will need:

- crystals; - Glue for rhinestones; - Toothpicks; - Fine forceps; - Brush for nail art.

Instruction how to apply rhinestones on your nails

Step 1:

Prepare the nails. Do a thorough cleaning, give your nails the desired shape and grind them. If your manicure has been damaged, and nails exfoliate, swipe strengthen their procedures.

Step 2:

Before doing nail designs using rhinestones, consider drawing or design composition. Pick lacquer shade. For more showiness combine decoration with rhinestones with a picture on the nails, made with a brush.

Step 3:

Prepared nails cover the desired color varnish. Then, a toothpick or needle, transfer decoration on the nail plate. Do this as quickly as possible to paint did not have time to dry and well-glued rhinestones. Make sure that the varnish is not smeared.

Step 4:

You can glue rhinestones and with a special glue so jewelery will keep longer. Using a thin brush, designed for nail art, nail plate to leave small droplets of glue. The dotted line of the bonding agent is applied through the estimated figure. Follow carefully all the adhesive is not flowed. On every drop there is one decoration.

Step 5:

Using fine forceps, place rhinestones on the glue droplets. If you are accustomed to use a toothpick, do not forget to moisten the tip in water. To capture rhinestone push the end of a toothpick to decorating and transfer to the nail.

Step 6:

Press the rhinestones to the nail and wait - lacquer must dry. Then cover decorated with colorless nail means or special fixer. Again, wait until dry.

Step 7:

To make a trendy version of the French manicure, apply on the tips of the nails rhinestone gold, silver or transparent colors. Use for applying a needle or toothpick and make sure that the crystals were the same size, stack them on the "smile line".