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How to be more feminine

Femininity implies a set of specific qualities unique to the fairer sex. But not every woman is clear how in fact weave them into your daily way.

How to be more feminine

Instruction how to be more feminine

Step 1:

Feminine defined, including, and external features. Primarily, this style of dress. Art look real woman in jeans and t-shirt leave more experienced ladies, it is worth to start with a bias towards a truly women's article of clothing - skirts, dresses, blouses classic. Add details to complete the romantic image - earrings, pendant, bracelet or brooch.

Step 2:

Try to choose less contrasting things, switch to gentle tones in clothing. Do not forget the high heels - this detail makes a woman a lady with the right of its use. Learn to walk in shoes with heels, straightened his back and his head proudly realized.

Step 3:

The behavior of a true lady is not satisfactory. You will definitely need to give up swearing, harsh statements. Try not to raise your voice, to speak fluently. And in humans, and in his own house hold with dignity. There is nothing worse than hypocrisy and pretense.

Step 4:

In addition to clothing choices, and think about taking care of themselves. Femininity manifests itself in the care of his body, making his or her identity. Check the condition of your hair, take regular manicure and pedicure. Pamper yourself beauty treatments and enjoy them without turning into an obligation. Good skin condition, light make-up, emphasizing the dignity - that's what will make you feminine.

Step 5:

Give the man's duties stronger sex. Of course, the Russian woman is capable of much, but is unlikely to exhaust yourself physically difficult cases when they can be laid on the shoulders of men. Femininity manifests itself, including and unobtrusive indication that you are weaker, more delicate and require care of yourself.