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How to calm your appetite

A good appetite - in most cases a positive sign, proving that the body is functioning stably, and global health problems there. But what if your appetite too good, so that the person knows no bounds in food? In this case it is necessary to take urgent measures to a superfluous food not get a bunch of serious diseases.

How to calm your appetite

Instruction how to appease your appetite

Step 1:

Eating is desirable in small portions 5-6 times a day. In this case, your body quickly becomes saturated, not overtaxed and permanently signals about hunger.

Step 2:

Oddly enough, but snacks that people sometimes like to do during the day, according to nutritionists, a good tool that helps curb your appetite.

Step 3:

add menus lean chicken, vegetable soup, oatmeal, buckwheat (just not all at once!), as well as fiber-rich fruits and vegetables - in this case the intestinal cells produce biologically active substances, appetite suppressant.

Step 4:

Thirty minutes before a meal, drink a glass of water. Once your stomach does not want to take too much, and your appetite will be moderate.

Step 5:

Hunger dulls the warm mineral water, take it one hour before meals.

Step 6:

Eaten before eating a few slices of dark chocolate, candy or a small piece of cake, too, allow to forget about hunger will not overeat.

Step 7:

Try to eat at the same hours, so that the body has got used to a certain routine and once again not to remind ourselves of hunger.

Step 8:

Eat nice and long; Chew food well.

Step 9:

Served with vegetable oil.

Step 10:

Discard the dishes in which sugar is combined with fats (such as, for example, cakes).

Step 11:

If you are often tormented by hunger, reduce the use of condiments, spices and foods with a high salt content. They irritate the gastric mucosa and increase appetite.

Step 12:

If you really want something to throw in the mouth, eat a few berries prunes and wash down with a glass of water. You can also steamed 100 g dried figs and prunes 1 hour, and then take this part before eating.

Step 13:

Bad reduces hunger mint. You can rinse her mouth with infusion; suitable for that mouthwash or brushing your teeth with toothpaste.

Step 14:

Loss of appetite contributes to food decoration in green, blue and gray shades.