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How to care for hair seasonally adjusted

Currently available to women is a huge number of cosmetic products that provide a home hair care, comparable to the salon treatment. However, despite this abundance, not everyone is able to achieve the perfect look and health of your locks. The main reason for this problem lies in the fact that the means of hair care products are selected without considering the peculiarities of the season.

How to care for hair seasonally adjusted

Proper hair care, built on account of different seasonal factors, will allow to avoid many common problems: the fall of hair loss, dryness of winter and electrification, and drabness lifelessness spring, summer burning, breakage and split ends formation of strands.

Hair Care in the fall

In autumn, many women often notice increased hair loss. Trichologists explain this fact many reasons: excess ultraviolet summer, causing the production of increased amounts of testosterone and as a result, hair loss; effect of swimming in open water; direct sunlight and wind; natural transition from growth phase to the quiescent phase and others.

Home hair care in the autumn assumes a careful selection of cosmetics, providing comprehensive rehabilitation: warm oil wrap; nourishing mask from the pulp of the pumpkin, aloe juice, fermented milk products with the addition of honey and eggs; rejection of hot pilings. In cold and windy weather, it is recommended to protect the hair hood or headpiece. It is also recommended to go on a mild shampoo and a leave-in conditioners.

Features Winter Care

In winter, the appearance and health of the hair is heavily influenced by fluctuations in air temperature, precipitation numerous, low humidity caused by central heating work, the lack of sunlight. Hair Care should be as gentle: for washing ideal organic, dry or homemade shampoo made from natural ingredients; balms and rinses should contain moisturizing additives; before using a hair dryer, curling or "ironing" should be applied to the hair means for thermal protection.

In addition, it is important not to forget about the hats - there is no need to hide them under the hair along the entire length, is enough to take care of the health of the scalp vessels. In the cold head uncovered vessels narrowed sharply, worsening blood circulation and nutrition of hair follicles, leading to hair loss.

Spring Hair Care

If in winter were observed neglect moisturizing and nourishing cosmetic products, errors in diet, frequent wearing synthetic hats, then in the spring locks may look dull and lifeless. In this case, hair care at home involves the use of complex health interventions.

natural ingredients that are available in the spring can be used to restore hair health: kidneys, elm and birch juice, infusion of leaves mother and stepmother, the juice of young nettles. You also need to make regular hair masks, solving problems with their excess fat or dryness. Industrial hair cosmetics can contain silicone additive, caring for the tips of the strands and warning them splitting.

Hair care in the summer

In the summer you need to take care of the safety of the structure of hair and protect them from drying. To do this as little as possible to use a hair dryer, and other means to heat styling; switch to moisturizing cosmetics containing UV filters; Avoid daily use of shampoos containing sulfates.

In order to prevent the negative impact of direct sunlight, wind and sand beach, it is recommended for the summer season to braid hair in a braid, use hats or scarves, after shampooing use acidified cold water for rinsing. Home hair care can include fortified light mask, herbal shampoo, the use of light oils: grape seed, almond, apricot.