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How to care for hair spring

Subject hair care is particularly relevant in the spring, after the seasonal vitamin deficiency affects their appearance. To get rid of after headwear hair looked effectively, you need to more carefully look after themselves.

How to care for hair spring

Instruction how to care for hair spring

Step 1:

Try to minimize the use of a hair dryer, hair iron or styler. All of these heaters is further dried scalp and hair structure itself.

Step 2:

Avoid staining at least for a while. Even the most expensive and high-quality paint further traumatize the hair, which are already in need of hydration and nutrition.

Step 3:

Use as a rinse balms not based on chemical ingredients and natural herbal teas. With their help, in the spring of hair will become healthy glow.

Step 4:

Visit the barber. Even if you want to fly and get a luxury long curls, proper hair care is impossible without a regular haircut. It was she who saves the tips of the hair intact.

Step 5:

In order to get healthy hair, regularly use masks corresponding to a particular type of hair. Universal recipe can be considered a mixture of egg yolk, a tablespoon of brandy, and the same amount of honey. It is best to carry out resuscitation mask complex, alternating compositions every day for two weeks. In this case, the effect is visible.

Step 6:

Comb your hair properly, using combs with rare teeth, and do not hurt the hair prior to complete drying.

Step 7:

Regularly massage the scalp - this will help to improve blood circulation in the hair follicles. This will improve nutrition of hair, and they become more healthy. This may be to use sea salt, which is further massage cleans the scalp.

Step 8:

Replace the tap water for washing the hair on the decoction of herbs, or pre-boil it. So it is less harmful for the hair.