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How to change the shape of the face

Very often people are not satisfied with their appearance, this nature. They try every possible way to change it. But there are times when you simply change the color of hair or nails done enough. For example, if you are not satisfied with an oval face, then to correct it will have to resort to various tricks.

How to change the shape of the face

Instruction how to change the shape of the face

Step 1:

The most radical and effective way to change the shape of the face - to have cosmetic surgery. However, this method is available a little, and the health benefits it brings. Therefore it is necessary to resort to a change in visual appearance.

Step 2:

One effective way to visually change the shape of the face - is to find a suitable hairstyle. It all depends on what your face shape. Usually there are round, oblong, triangular and square shape. For the visual correction of an elongated face should do lush short haircuts with bangs, which will add width. It is not necessary to grow long hair - so you do face more elongated. Visually help narrow round face hairstyles with long hair, or short, but the tips should be "torn". Lush short haircuts do not fit - they only give extra width. Hide disadvantages of the triangular shape of the face will help multilayer hairstyle with soft bangs. Very nice would look natural waves, but do not make hair fluffy and volume. Smooth sharp features a square shape to help straight long hair and a hairstyle that gently wrap around the face (eg ladder). Avoid cuts with clear sharp lines.

Step 3:

It is also a great way to adjust the shape of the face - the right makeup. For this purpose, different tones powder and blusher. So to give a round face elongated shape should be put on the temporal part of the powder of a darker hue, and impose blush on the cheekbones, to extend the line to the corners of the mouth. To correct for the triangular form should be lighter powder applied to the front surface of the face, and on the cheekbones - darker. To soften a square face lines should be dark powder applied to the side surfaces and the lower jaw, and then apply blush on the cheekbones, narrowing and extending the line to the temples. The oval shape of the face in a special adjustment is needed, so we can only emphasize it. To apply this blush on the side surface from the bottom up.