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How to choose a false eyelashes

False eyelashes make the eyes of any woman irresistible. Like an arrow of Cupid Long beautiful lashes pierce the hearts of men and throw them to the women's legs. But choosing false "boom" you need to follow a few rules, otherwise your eyes will attract the attention of others is not a mysterious look as well groomed, slovenly view.

How to choose a false eyelashes

You will need:

It would take a special false eyelashes and glue, tweezers and eyelash brush.

Instruction how to choose a false eyelashes

Step 1:

Before proceeding to the actual process of selection of false eyelashes, let's be clear what their advantages. Thus, false eyelashes make the eyes more expressive, but that's not all. Compared with false eyelashes accrued more environmentally friendly, from them is not irritation, moisture does not affect them, they do not leak and do not fall off, they do not need to correct for false eyelashes dnya.Vidov two - beams and solid tape. A lot of varieties - color, with sequins, with feathers and other ornaments, as well as various lengths and with different curvature.

Step 2:

First of all decide for yourself how you want to look like, what kind of image you want to create - depends on what type of eyelashes you choose. If you go to the disco, party or other entertainment events - safely choose colored lashes. If you go out on a date - stop your choice on the classic black eyelashes.

Step 3:

If you simply want to add density to their natural lashes - select false eyelashes are not too long and not too thick, more beam, otherwise the eyes will seem unnatural, especially during the daytime. But if you have an evening, for example, go to the theater - "put on" a long and fluffy lashes, better, if it will ciliary tape. In this case, you not only get a deeper and more meaningful look, but will look like a rock Hollywood beauties.

Step 4:

With defined lashes, we begin to apply. Degrease the eyelid and remove makeup. Comb your natural lashes, giving them the right direction

Step 5:

Take the ciliary band or beam eyelashes, apply a drop of glue on the base. Allow the glue to "take" and begin to stick lashes from the inner to the outer edge of the eyelid, as close as possible to the roots of the natural eyelashes. At the outer corner lashes are glued longest. To better eyelashes attached - lightly press them.

Step 6:

If you are using beams - just choose the locations where you will strengthen them, if the tape - if they fit your size. If the tape is too long - attach them to age, place as needed and carefully trim the nail scissors to the desired length.