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How to choose a foundation funds

Choose a foundation that is perfectly right for your skin type and the appearance is quite difficult. You need to know a lot of nuances and take into account the recommendations of cosmetologists.

How to choose a foundation funds

Instruction how to select the tonal means

Step 1:

First of all you should decide so, what type of skin you have. After that, you can proceed to the selection of the required texture you tone means. If you have dark spots or large blood vessels on the face, then with them will help you to cope foundation liquid consistency. Cream oily composition is perfect for dry skin. If you have oily or combination skin type, you should not buy a concealer that contains a oil. If the tone means sufficiently thick consistency, it means that it includes a high concentration of different fat components.

Step 2:

If the skin on your face there are only minor defects, you can help them mask the tone corrector. In its composition contains a large amount of dye. Apply a concealer together experts do not recommend to the foundation. Furthermore, if the skin is no longer young and has many wrinkles, it also does not use a corrector properly.

Step 3:

For any type of skin is perfect skin tones. It contains a comparatively small amount of colored pigment in the structure. This make-up looks very natural. In order to hide the irregularities of the skin, usually used tonal cream powder. But it can not be used if the skin is prone to the appearance of facial wrinkles. Furthermore, if the skin has large pores, it is undesirable to apply. For normal skin type the most appropriate option would be a daily foundation. It can also be used as an excellent basis for make-up.

Step 4:

Now you need to choose the right shade. The most optimal foundation - a cream tone on tone echoing the color of your skin. Many women often face the problem that the foundation, which is suitable for shade, it still looks unnatural. To fix this, use the powder of yellowish color. The yellow pigment in the skin of many people are present in large numbers. So, this powder will give a natural looking makeup.