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How to choose a suitable hairstyle

Pruning - is part of a unique image of each person. Choosing the right cut is necessary, depending on the type of face, hair condition, character, image and style, and even the type of growth or shapes. Choose a hairstyle can help a professional stylist or barber, but mastering a few rules, you can choose for themselves those hairstyles that suit you.

How to choose a suitable hairstyle

Instruction how to choose a suitable hairstyle

Step 1:

Determine the type of your face. First haircut greatly change the face, so it can help to correct the flaws and highlight the merits. If you have a round face, you will look great bulk top hairstyles, with separate strands of a person on the cheeks. Holders will also go round face hairstyles with curly hair, with ragged edges, beveled long bangs. If you have a round face, do not cut straight bob, do not ball-shaped haircuts and partings exactly in the middle of the head. People with an elongated type of person suitable hairstyle with volume on the sides and the lower fringe, with a square face you need to choose a hairstyle with a clear structure: asymmetrical, with a marked parting. For triangular persons suitable short haircuts and lush bangs.

Step 2:

The features and other details also need to consider choosing a hairstyle. If the eyes are wide apart, but they can be raised to bring the top hair down a bit on their forehead, creating the effect of a bang. Protruding ears can close haircut "square" or long hair. Long nose mask well lush hair, in a slightly upturned nose looks good with slicked-back hair.

Step 3:

Pick up a hairstyle should also be depending on the type of hair and their condition. For damaged hair need to choose a shorter haircut, as they often are in need of trimming and sostriganii split ends. Straight hair look good in haircuts with a clear structure, with dedicated strands, asymmetry, layers. Choose a hairstyle for wavy hair more difficult, as they are less fit, which also must be considered.

Step 4:

Choosing a hairstyle, and consider your figure. Slim suitable medium length hair with light waves, long bangs and geometric tapering. Short hair emphasize thinness. For women with a curvy shape should choose a hairstyle medium length layers. Tiny girl fit and long straight hair. And the owners of athletic figures are any hairstyle.

Step 5:

Choosing the right hairstyle can a young person. It is believed that bob hairstyle, as well as all short haircut makes a person younger. In many cases, the bangs too helps to throw a few years, since it removes the wrinkles on the forehead. But not everyone is suited bangs - to identify it, take a section of hair on the forehead and zacheshite, stabbing in the form of bangs. Haircuts "a boy" young elderly women.