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How to choose cosmetics

Decorative cosmetics used by most women. It helps to create the right image, to emphasize strengths and hide facial imperfections. Now in stores a wide range of cosmetic products and need to learn how to choose them.

How to choose cosmetics

Instruction how to choose cosmetics

Step 1:

Before buying makeup consult your doctor - dermatologist. It will determine your skin type and features, as well as give professional advice on the selection of cosmetics.

Step 2:

Do not buy cosmetics in the markets and stalls, it is better to go to a specialty store, there is less likely to buy forgery. Be sure to read the summary and look at the release date and shelf life. The packaging has to be specified by the manufacturer and the product. The qualitative composition of the cosmetics include vitamins, useful additives, antioxidants, and sunscreens.

Step 3:

When choosing colors for makeup, take into account the color of your hair, eyes, skin, and the image that you want to create with the help of makeup.

Step 4:

It is very important to choose the right foundation, because he - the base of your makeup. Tone means should match the color of your skin or be a little lighter. Tone cream should be light and have the good qualities of the cream for the face: to moisturize and protect the skin from UV rays. There is a means having a lifting effect, but they are much more expensive.

Step 5:

A good mascara makes the eyes more expressive, eyelashes and adds volume and length. To begin, decide what you need: body, lengthening or waterproof. A quality product for its consistency similar to cream falls evenly on the lashes, not rolled, not showered, and has no strong chemical odor. Well, if a part of the funds will be useful for eyelash vitamins, keratin, and castor oil. Special therapeutic mascara your lashes to receive medical treatment. Usually it is approved by ophthalmologists and is perfect for women who wear contact lenses. Waterproof mascara is indispensable in rainy weather, and sports.

Step 6:

Modern high-quality lipstick will make your lips more vivid and three-dimensional. It should be applied gently and evenly, do not induce feelings of dryness and constriction. Pleasant smell and gentle texture - another plus product. The color scheme is dependent on the color of hair, your individual preferences and the type of makeup. Pearl lipstick and lip gloss will add additional volume. Matte lipstick is suitable for your makeup and lipstick Glitter reserved for cheerful parties and trips to the club.

Step 7:

Another one of the main means of decorative cosmetics are eye shadow. Firstly, a good quality product is not cheap. Bad shadows can cause allergies, irritation and redness of the eyes. Shadows should lay down an even layer on the eyelids and not to gather in folds of the skin. Read the composition of the product, synthetic, not metal pigments - a reason to buy the shade.

Step 8:

Besides all of the above, guided by well-known manufacturers of decorative cosmetics, which have proven themselves positively in the beauty market. Use testers if vending product is worth a lot of money, buy to start the probe, make sure that you just needed cosmetic.